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Monday, June 1, 2009

Otanjyoubi Omedetou, Okaasan!

so yesterday's my mom's birthday!

oh, and WEDDING ANNIVERSARY for my mom and dad :D
you both mean the world to me :')

i was planning to give her a bouquet of flowers but there were some mixed ups and the bouquet was given to my dad. ah well, it's their anniversary so i'm glad mom understood :)

my brother and i had been saving some money to treat our parents to eat-out in our fav restaurant, sushi-tei!
yeap, it's a japanese resto located in several countries in asia. major YUM!

so basically this was my look for the night. ah well, guess smokey eye is not my thing anyway -___-" at least i tried LOL

the products i used:
Rimmel Hydrasense Flawless Concealer
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35
MAC Paint Pot Bare Study
NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Black Bean
UD Palette in Zero
MUFE Eyeshadow, kinda brown color *unfortunately the color's name faded out already*
Wales Palette E450 *as a highlight*
NYX Eye Pencil in Extreme Black
Maybelline Lash Exte

open the menu and you'll find LOTSA YUMMY YUMMY FOOOOOOOOOOOD! *drools*

no wonder it's hard for me to lose weight! LOL

my annoying little brother! i love him to death!

me dad and me mom. happy anniversary, mom&dad :)
and happy birthday, mommy!
hope your day is always as wonderful as you.


4 lovess:

Dimpul said...

wew.. harusnya gw nginep pas hari senennya ya? wkwkkwkwkw, looks yummy banget mbak itu semua makanan yg lo foto, tapi pas minggu kmrn kok foto gw ga dipajang di bloglo, gw meninggalkan foto cantik kok di kameralo, si anggoro yang motoin, di aplot dongg, wkwkwkkwkw *murah*

Fifi said...

Oooh great job with the eye makeup! Beli rimmel concealer dimana yak? Gw gak pernah nemu..

OOhhh btw tentang kucing tetangga gw..
Sayangnya blom sempet ngomong ke si tetangga. Dia gak pernah ada di rumah (kayaknya lagi keluar kota). Yang ada pembantunya tapi karena pembantunya cuma bisa bahasa Jawa jadi gw gak berani ngomong. hehe.. (payah, padahal dah 2 tahun lebih di Jogja!)

Ai said...

Dinie: siapa suruh pulang duluaaaaaaannn? hahahaaa dih rugi amat gw upload foto lo nyooong hehehe

Fifi: Trimakasiiiih :D beli rimmel waktu itu di jerman.. iseng aja nyobaa.. eheheh.. waaaahhh pdhl gw penasaran bgt sm nasib kucing nyaa huhuhu..

Anonymous said...

hooohhooo budeee selamat ulang tahun...mba make upnya keren abissss


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