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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend Movies & Resto: Night at the Museum: Battle of of the Smithsonian & Paregu

holaaaa, guys!

how was your weekend going? hope you all had a blast :D
mine? a blast!

my family and i went eating-out yesterday to celebrate my mom's b'day and mom's & dad's anniversary.
the restaurant is PAREGU from japan.
costs about $9.5 before the tax and without drinks. that's not so bad tho thinking that they have various kind of food and it's freaking ALL YOU CAN EAT LOL

so they have 2 ways of cooking food, steam (shabu2) and BBQ. super yummy!
for the meat, seafood and veggie, the resto provides a buffet so just grab 'em and eat 'em!
no loooong-wait like when you actually order the food.
well you have to wait for the drink tho.
they also provide fried dumplings, fruits, puddings, and soup!

it's BBQ TIME!

the shabu-shabu.. we cooked A LOT of seafood and meatballs. we were bloated hahahaaa

Tom Yam Kung. a dangerously delicious shrimp soup from Thailand. super yuuuuum!

the meat for BBQ. i skipped the meat until the end to avoid eating too much meat. it worked altho, like i said before, we were bloated already hahaha

*nom nom nom* love all the food! -___________-"

the big family. literally LOL. i'm always happy when it comes to family gatherings. ALWAYS. especially when we spend our new year's eve together. well usually we do tho every year.

The cousin, Dinie and moi. we LOVE to eat muahahaahahaha.

The other cousins, Dita & Ayu.

after eating, the kids *note: not yet married ppl* went to Plaza Indonesia to watch Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian while the parents went home. it wasn't too crowded when we were in queue line for the tickets but they costed about $4.5 coz it was weekend and Plaza Indonesia is one of high-end malls in Jakarta *note again: windows shopping ONLY

pose is the most important thing for our family LOL. posed and failed meh!

the movie was UBER HILARIOUS! i couldn't stop laughing during the movie and the cousins said i laughed the loudest. don't even care coz i was soooo entertained. there were actually Jonas Brothers played as cherubs and boooooyyy they were CUUTTEE!

well maybe for ppl who love history and have no sense of humor at all, the movie can be pretty insulting of how they describe the famous ppl such as Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Al Capone and more. and oh! they have these Einstein's bobbleheads! SUPER DUPER KAWAII! so just have fun to the fullest when you watch it and i'm sure you'll find it very very amusing! i don't mind watching it all over again and again and again until i'm bored watching it. hahahaaaa maybe the story is not better than Night at the Museum but i think it's a lot funnier than the first.

so grab your bag, head to the cinema and watch this movie if you need something to cheer you up!


8 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

Aaww, I haven't watch that movie yet!!! thanks for sharing your weekend and I love to eat BBQ!!!!

Dimpul said...

who's the one wearing headcover? she's so God Damn Gorgeous, is she ur cousin too??

Ai said...

Nikki: you're welcome, Nikki! yeeaaa you should watch it, major funny!

Dimpul: oh yea, my one super annoying cousin! LOL HAHAHA NAJIS LO DIN! drop-dead gorgeous ye? YOU WISH! muahahahahahaha

FuN and MakeUp said...

Just droppin by to say hi!! xoxo

Jian said...

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! It looks so tasty~ I haven't seen that film yet actually. But I have seen Coraline and Star Trek! Heehee~

In response to earlier, I completely agree! To be honest, from my post I don't think I explained his full poop-headedness, and it just sounds like I hate him. Haha~

I didn't go in the end because I didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic. Ended up just going regular shopping. D=

Ai said...

Jes: heeey to you too, Jes :)

Jian: oh they are tasty! lol. poop-headedness? LOL u crack me up! eerr i hate rush hour as well. well it's always rush hour here in my city gaaah!

Fifi said...

I haven't seen Night at the Museum 2, I read on movie review blogs that the movie is tasteless. LOL. I've seen the first one tho, and it was hilarious.

The foods look super yummy. :D

Ai said...

hahaaaaa yea the reviews say that it's not good but i find it really amusing. maybe it's just me tho LOL since i'm easily amused -______-"

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