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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Off to Paris!!

So yesterday I woke up early at 7 am as usual for 9 am German class. I had breakfast, I took a nice shower, I did a simple look, I prepared the books and stuffs, put on my jacket and shoes and finally headed off to the class. It was freaking cold outside I was so lazy to go to class but I did. And then.. I met 2 of my German's classmates, and they told me....

The class is cancelled

End of announcement. -______-"

That's one of the reasons I hate my school here. We have changes of schedule every week, which is totally annoying. And if something happens, we are notified one day before or sometimes even the day, which is more annoying. So we have only lil time of preparation. Okay, gotta live with that now. I should stop whining. The good thing is... I didn't have German's class! :D YAY!

And the washing machine did it again! GGRRR! I put my clothes in one of the washing machines and put the 1.50 Euro. I waited but no water came out for about 5 minutes *the water should've come out right away when you start the washing machine* It was official: The machine ate my money!! Damnit! oohh They should do something with the washing machine room since only some of the machines actually work! BOO for the machines!

And here's the FOTD I did yesterday. Maybe I should wear them everyday so my class will be cancelled everyday LOL



The Body Shop Concealer 03

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium Deep


MAC Blush in Pinch Me


MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

jW Cosmetics in Bare Necessity

MAC Ricepaper

Manhattan Bronze Effects 92T

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Black

NYX Eye Pencil in White

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Volume


Mentholatum Medicated Stick

NYX LipGloss with Mega Shine in Smokey Look

Anyway, HAPPY THURSDAY, みんなさん!

I'm off to France tonight until Monday night! :D So, have a grrreeaaattt weekend in advance, everyone!

(Maybe I'll meet my prince charming there.. Just maybe LOL)

Lure Beauty 15% Off!

Who doesn't love sale? The answer is simple: NO ONE! LOL

Soooo prepare for another sale! *drum rolls*

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Use coupon code "HOLIDAY" to receive 15% off our entire store through New Year's Day! 
(coupon excludes Skin Biology products)
Happy Thanksgiving! 
We are offering 15% off our entire website (not including Skin Biology products).  Use coupon code HOLIDAY at checkout.  You may even use this coupon on our clearance candles or other clearance products here
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Pass this along to your friends and tell them to mention your name if they order - you will receive a separate 15% off coupon for every friend you refer who places an order.  (Some have asked if they can even post our sales on blogs, message boards - sure you can!  Make sure you tell people on the blog or forum to mention your name when they order :)

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So, boys and girls! Anyone who's craaazzzyyy about great bath & body products (I know someone is hohoho, right Nanzy?), you should order now! I'd love to order but I'm still waiting for the Paypal code and it takes forever -sigh-

Oh, don't forget me when you order something from Lure Beauty, okay? *wink wink* LOL I'm just kidding.

Have a great day and great shopping! :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joppa: Chance to Win 57pc Eyeshadow Collection.. FULL SIZE!

I was checking Joppa Minerals website for new updates *I was hoping they would offer free shipping internationally hohoho* when I read (maybe, perhaps) even better offer.

With every purchase over $20 in the month of November, you will be entered to win a 57pc Eye Shadow Collection.  This set consists of 1 of every full size Eye Shadow.  A $370.50 value!  Winner will be contacted by email on December 1, 2008

Full size eyeshadows! I wonder how big will the package be and how many years they will last, maybe you can hand them over to your kids and grandchildren. LOL. Tempting. Hmmm. No. Yes? No? NO! Should saving up for something else. Okay, I'm talking to myself -__________-"

Anyone interested? Only 5 days left. So you should be HURRYYYYY! And happy shopping! :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Frankfurt & FOTD: Lumiere Cosmetics


As I promised before, here is the look using the foundation, bronzer, and blush from Lumiere Cosmetics.



MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

Lumiere Cosmetics Light Beige Luminesse


Lumiere Cosmetics Nude Bronzer

Lumiere Cosmetics Mauvelous


MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (for a base)

NYX Trio Eyeshadow in Dandy (left & middle for all over lid & highlighting)

Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black

NYX Eye Pencil in White (lower lash line)

Kate My Color Shadow in PK-2 (tear duct)

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Volume


Mentholatum Medicated Stick

MAC Amplified in Chatterbox

NYX LipGloss with Mega Shine in Smokey Look

Last week I went to Frankfurt with my friends, we caught the 7.38 train since it went straight to Frankfurt and it took about 2 hours from Neubrücke Station. At first we wanted to go to the zoo and walked around the old city near the zoo, and then went to Gießen and Marburg but since we only went there for a day so we didn't have enough time and ended up going to the zoo only -sigh- But it was really fun!

So we went by Regional train with this ticket

It's a weekend ticket for 35 Euro for max. 5 persons, so better get your 4 friends so it'll be much cheaper. It can be used all over Germany only in the weekend (of course) and valid for one day only.

And we took some time to take pics in front of Frankfurt Train Station. There were lotsa ppl but meh why should we care? LOL

And on the way to the centre of the city, we passed these shops.


There were so many sex shops along the way. I wanted to go in actually but somehow my deepest heart said don't LOL.

And at last! Modern buildings! Oh I will never find one in Neubrücke hahahaa.


And I had my first starbucks in Germany finally. It was hot and I don't like hot drinks so I had to share with my friends coz I didn't wanna throw it out but I enjoyed every sip of it lol.

Then we went to the zoo by subway. Actually I took a lot of pics in the zoo but somehow they're not really attractive, they're plain...... and blur -______-" I must learn hard to take pics next time. Dang!

We just realized that it was already 2 o'clock so we said bye bye to the zoo and headed off to find something to eat. And on the way back to the train station, we saw some young German guys dancing in front of the Alte Opera, I think it was their traditional dance tho but I'm not really sure, but I'm sure it wasn't a hip-hop dance.

Then we went to this Asian Restaurant near Dr. Muller (the sex shop) and it was REALLY delicious! There were only the 3 of us but we ordered for like 6 ppl LOL but I was being really smart for not taking the pics of the food -____-". We were too hungry to even remember to take pics for memories hahahaa. And we went back to Neubrücke at 6 something. Once again, tired but fun!

This week, we are going to France at last! Crossing my fingers! I'm soo exited! :D

Oh, I took this pic in the first day of snow in German from my room. At least I have something that makes me pretty happy right now, SNOW! It's freaking cold but I like watching snow falling from the sky :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lumiere Cosmetics Hauls

Couple weeks ago I ordered Lumiere Cosmetics as they had Set of Sample Baggies for only $0.01 and $5.00 for the shipping cost (arigatou Nanzy-san) And around last week, it was on my mailbox YAY!

The set consists of 5 products of your choices FROM foundations, cheek colors, face & body enhancers & finishing powders. It's too bad they can't give samples for eye pigments tho because they look really pwettay :(

So I ordered Light Beige Luminesse, Nude Bronzer, Mauvelous Veena Blush, Wild Rose Veena Blush, Fresh Roses Silk Blush. In general I gotta say, me love Lumiere Cosmetics esp. the blushes! I'm really happy of what I ordered and it didn't take that long time for the shipping :D

Here's how they look in my skin.

When I first the foundation, I thought that the color is kinda too white for me and I was afraid that it would be too cake-y but when I applied on to my face, it worked pretty well :D I forgot to take pics so later I'll try to take a good pic and post it. I hope I won't be too lazy hohoho And the bronzer is just perfect, I think it can be a better foundation for my skin compared to Light Beige hehehe.

I did say it but I'm gonna say again, ME LOVE THE BLUSHES! Both Wild Rose and Fresh Roses are kinda shimmery and Mauvelous is pretty matte. When applied on to my cheeks, Wild Rose looks orange-y and I've been wanting to try summery look blushes. Fresh Roses I think is the perfect color when you want "bright" color, the color really pops. But I love Mauvelous the most :D It is an muted berry-pink infused with a touch of plum and boy, it's a best seller!

Interested in trying your choices of colors? Click here and happy shopping!!

Have a great weekend, ppl! :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green Fawn

i was asked to do this rather cute quiz by Citra and Dedo and i tried and i was pretty scared coz i thought that most of them are somehow true.... -_______-"

You are Green Fawn, whose expression and attitude seems slow and lacks energetic action
You are quiet and don't say much
You will not show your inner feelings to people easily. 
You have the heart of a young child, and although you may act bit selfish, you will not make enemies
You are shy and reserved, and tends to be bit like dreaming little girl. 
By depending on others you express yourself, and therefore people find it hard to hate you.
You are not very good at handling real world
You are interested in emotional and mental fields
And tend to study subjects like religion and mysterious things.
You have a tendency to be self satisfied, but you yourself do not mind that at all. 
You actually enjoy that.
You are good at fending off other people's frustration and anger
Therefore you don't get caught up in troubles, and are able to lead a quiet and peaceful life. 
You can not stand difficult situations, and will easily give things up
If you can work with those people who are gentle and kind, they can bring out your inner talent.
Once married, you will be an excellent wife who would protect her house and family.

okaaaay, so i'm shy, quiet and lack of energy LOL that isss relieving to know -_____-" it's frustrating but somehow it's true. i can't talk to new ppl easily, i tend to get quiet around new environment but once i know them, i can turn to be a loud and annoying girl HAHA! ah well. hope the last part is true tho =P i need my husband now LOOOOOL

how's yours doing? check it here

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palm Reading & EOTD: Lemon Blue

Have you ever had your palm read? I've a friend from China and he reads my palm for several time and everytime I asked him, he would go like "oh bye bye" since he said that I have a really good palm *Amin to that* My friend said that for girls, it's our right hand to be read and it's the destiny and the left hand is the reality, and for guys, it's the left hand the destiny and the right hand is the reality.

So on the way to Luxembourg I asked him to read my palm again in the train since we had nothing to do. And here's my palm in the gigantic hand LOL *note that this is just for FUN*

Health Line:

I'm not a very healthy person. I get sick easily and oh no, I don't have a very long life. Some part of it is somehow true since since I was a kid, I constantly went to a doctor with a lot of health problems. I used to have an asthma that was really really bad, I could barely breath I thought I almost died, well I still have it now but it's sooo much better compared to my childhood time. I also had a bronchitis, not really sure I still have it or not tho, hope not! And I once had a period for A MONTH! until I looked really pale I couldn't join my sport class. Not a good health history, right? But for the "I don't have a very long life" part, I hope that's not true tho.

Career Line:

I'll have a good career and Amin to that since I don't have a career yet. I'm still a student for now and to tell the truth, I don't have a clear idea about my career, still kinda blur :( So let's just hope that I WILL DEFINITELY have a good, or even great, career in, hopefully, the near future.

Success & Networking Line:

I'm gonna be success and I always have someone who will help me everytime I have a problem, so basically I have a good network. That's a relief to hear if that's the truth hohoho. Who doesn't want to be a successful person? Of course everyone wants it. And who doesn't want a little help when we're in need? That's insane. So I personally would like to thank everyone who has helped me until this time :)

Marriage Line:

I have only 1 BOYFRIEND whom I love so much and I'm gonna marry him. Whooooooa! Ok, no further comment LOL


So, I played again with my make-ups. This time I wanted to create kinda blue look but I was thinking that it might be a little heavy and weird for me if I used all blue eyeshadow so I put a little bright color. :D


What I used:

Lorac CoverUp C4
jW Cosmetics Bare Necessity
Buff'd Eyeshadow in Lemon (inner to middle lid, inner lower lash line & tear duct)
Joppa Minerals in Breathless (outer lid)
The She Space Old Smoky (outer lid)
The She Space Modified Chaos (outer V & crease, outer lower lash line)
NYX Eye Pencil in Extreme Black (lower lash line)
NYX Trio Eyeshadow in Dandy (the middle one as a highlight)
Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black
Maybelline Unstoppable Lash Extension


Monday, November 10, 2008

One-Day Luxembourg, Fun Tiring!

Since yesterday I wasn't home all day so I have more quota for updating my blog YAY! So yesterday I went to Luxembourg with 5 of my friends. Actually, they have this cheap train ticket for 5 persons for only 60 Euro but since there were 6 of us, we had to buy another ticket but the difference was not so much *80 Euro divided by 6 ppl* so we just bought them anyway. We had to catch the 6.55 train from my campus and the journey took almost 4 hours but hell, we went abroad! LOL. Then we bought the Luxembourg City ticket, 30 Euro for 6 persons, not bad right? We could ride buses and went into 58 sites for free. Oh La La!

So this is the small train station connecting our journey to Luxembourg. It was freaking cold but I managed not to feel the coldness with my warm clothes and the excitement :)

This is what greeted as soon as we went out from Luxembourg Train Station. Hello, Luxembourg! We only had about 5 hours to enjoy the city to catch the train to go back to Neubruecke because if we were late, we had to wait all night in Saarbrucken and arrive in Neubruecke the day after >_<>

The country is really small and cute with all the lower towns and the higher places. If I'm not mistaken, you can see the Passerelle Viaduc, the well-known old bridge, in this picture, well correct me if I'm wrong tho.

And this is just me posed in the street in the Centre, I think it's called Place d'Armes where ppl go for shopping. Still excited about the journey and still managed to smile for the pics lol

The bus is called Hop On Hop Off City Tour but we didn't get on that since we had to pay extra and I think walking was kinda interesting. But maybe the City Tour wasn't so bad after all -sigh-

And this is the Cathedral to the Blessed Virgin inspired by the Renaissance style. We didn't go inside tho, I don't remember why but we just kept walking, searching for new experience.

You will see lotsa pics of me in this entry so pls bare with me LOL. This is the Calirefontaine Square near the Cathedral. We stopped for a while to take some pics before we head off somewhere else. Take a deep breath. And off we go!

So here's you can see the Clairefountaine Square located between the Cathedral and Government District and there i posed LOL

Then we walked again to the lower town of Luxembourg. You can see the road we had to take. Loooooong way and I didn't want to think about the way back coz we had to climb up to the Centre again -_____-"

Then we found this somehow 'private place' with a beautiful view to the lower towns and I saw these fall leaves and I couldn't help it but to take retarded pic playing with the leaves LOL look at my retarded happy face!

And still a looong way to go to get to the lower towns so would be nice to take another shoot of photo. Pic pic and more pics!!

And finally we reached the Lower Towns of Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal! Now we stopped for a longer time to take more pictures and if you see clearly in this pic, you can see something looks like..... a sitting person.

Ta-da! Looks creepy at first but it is something like a person made from wires! And there were more of them, jumping, flying, and sitting. They look so cute and creative tho. Then we went to the Museum of the History of the City of Luxembourg but we weren't allowed to take pictures :(

This is the National Museum of Natural History and I had to take pic of this globe showing my lovely country, oh how I miss Indonesia. Then we walked again to the higher towns to find food, we were getting hungry!

We went across this small bridge called Rocher du Bock to get to the other side of the towns. I was hell scared of height, you can see it from the face, I was in between of smiling and scared LOL And my friends kept making fun of me making me soo pissed off and scared even more!

See what I was talking about? Loong journey back and this was only the beginning -____-" Oh GAWD!

And after we reached the Centre again, we went to Palais Grand-Ducal, the residence of Grand-Ducal family located in the Old Town. But why there was only 1 female guard tho? Hmmm I wonder. Now it's time to find a good restaurant! I was about to eat ppl! LOL

On the way of finding some good restaurants, we happened to see this singing group singing in a total strange language, maybe it was Luxembourgish or France, all I know it wasn't German.

We decided to eat in Pizza Hut and we sat separately since it was really crowded and some of us don't eat pork, including me. So our table, 3 girls, ordered these food HA! And it was the worst spaghetti I ever tasted. Since the meat spaghetti has pork, the only choice for us was vegetarian spaghetti and boy, I know why I will never pull off as a vegetarian. It tasted weird! But I like the Pizza and Garlic Bread tho. And now time to go again before our time was up in Luxembourg. I didn't know where were we heading off but unfortunately there was miscommunication between us so we got off the bus in this rather quiet place where the European Commission located. So we just took some pics and went back to the train station for going back to our lovely Neubruecke.

So, overall I was really HAPPY even tho I was really tired from walking. We got back with the 5.17 train and arrived in Neubruecke at 8.43 and we spent less than 50 Euro! Couldn't feel my feet anymore, I didn't have energy to clean up my room so I just cleaned my face and went to sleep! And that concludes my fun journey to Luxembourg and in the next 2 weeks we are planning to go to France! Crossing my fingers!

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