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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Award + Singapore Part 1


how are you all doing?

just got back from Singapore yesterday and i'm still fine until now :)
guess all the vitamins and imboost force to strengthen body's immune really worked
i do hope it will always work since i'm still taking the vitamins and stuffs at least for several days more

to start my post, Fifi was being so sweet for giving me an award. a really cute one!

Arti Award:
Tutorit Friendship merupakan award yang diberikan untuk blog/web
yang kamu anggap paling meng-inspirasi dan sangat bersahabat.

Homework to Special Friends :
Buatlah postingan yang memuat gambar award ini di blog kamu.
Sebutkan siapa yang memberikan award beserta link blognya.
Hadiahkan award ini kepada 10 sahabatmu.
Kunjungi blognya dan beritahukan kalau ada award dari kamu untuknya.
Lakukan hal yang sama seperti yang memberikan award ke kamu.
Copas dari "Begin Copy" Sampai "End Copy" di blog anda.

i'm giving this award to everyone :)

hope you all have a blast day today

let's start the journey in Singapore!

didn't have so many pictures but i think i'm gonna divide into 3 parts of the general journey, hauls and food!

so as most of you know that Singapore is one of the countries pretty heavily infected by Swine flu (guess i've mentioned it in my previous post) so i had to REALLY prepare for everything during my journey. i went there with my bestie, Mita and we already booked the ticket waaaaay before the Swine flu affected the country.

well pretty much what we prepared:

1. masks (at least 1 per day)
2. vitamin c, multivitamin, imboost force
3. dettol hand sanitizer
4. wet tissue and dry tissue
5. medicine for flu, cough, fever etc.

we went from Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta and there were many people wearing masks so our masks journey was started.

during the flight, we didn't take off our masks since many people were infected inside an airplane except when we were eating. well who knows who got the flu or not, right?

and after we landed in Singapore, i noticed something esp. when we were on the MRT to the city.
so pretty much everyone was staring at us thinking we were crazy or something.
but since we were still paranoid (yet we went there anyway LOL), we didn't take off until we reached Orchard
and we looked like this..............

"we come in peace so please shoo shoo. don't get near us, Flu!"

Wisma Atria in Orchard. it was Singapore Great Sale but everything was still freaking EXPENSIVE for the clothes, shoes and stuffs especially branded products! dang! i was thinking of buying a pair of sandal in Schu but they were too expensive so i decided to pass and buy something else.

......... like in SEPHORA! LOL
i heard that one MUCH BIGGER sephora was going to open in ION in Orchard on July 21 and i went back to Jakarta on the 20th -_________________-"

the brands that this Sephora has are pretty much very common brands like Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder
they have Too Faced tho but the products that i was looking for were sold out so meh!

Holland Village Market and Food Centre

we stayed at our friend's apartment in Holland Drive. very convenient neighbor since they have almost everything there. many many restaurants from food court, subway, sushi tei, swensens and ramen shop. drug store like guardian and watson's. supermarket like cold storage. beauty shops like sasa and they even have Browhaus! the apartment is near bus stop and MRT station. feels like heaven. the only thing that i don't like about the apartment is TOO MANY STAIRS!! and we had to carry our big luggage through many many many many stairs >_<


we were so excited to watch the latest movie of Harry Potter and we even reserved the tickets two days before. went to Vivo City (forgot the cinema's name). ate in Marche Restaurant and met our friend back in the university, Radius for a little chit chat and then off to the movie. and i gotta say, i was pretty disappointed. well i was expecting more magic tho but my cousin said that this episode is supposed to be that drama-kinda movie.

but hell since when RON WEASLEY became a HOTTIE?

@ an italian restaurant in Paragon
what were we doing?
we looked so serious haha

the famous Orchard Road.
and i was getting sick of it since we spent most of our days there LOL

the whole damage! i was really expecting to get some cute shoes and clothes and everything was really expensive so i don't think it was a great sale after all.

hope you enjoyed reading my post and i'm gonna continue with the food and hauls in the next 2 posts


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

..... swine flu?

heey guys! how are you today?

sorry for lacking in updating the blog hohoho.

just a quick update tho. my camera's dead and i forgot where i put the charger so yeah, no photos for now *stupid me* :(

as you all know that H1N1 virus or swine flu has already spread around the world, maybe it's best for us to at least know how to prevent the virus!

so, the day after tomorrow i'm going to singapore with my friend and singapore is one of the countries with lotsa ppl infected by swine flu so i MUST take a GOOD care of myself. *fingers crossed*

i've read several websites concerning swine flu including swine flu website in singapore and read some other articles on how to avoid the deadly disease. please read on! (articles taken from here)


1. Stay Home
If you are sick or have any flu-like symptoms, stay home. Do not go to school or work. Swine flu symptoms may mimic those of regular flu and cold symptoms.

2. Contain Your Cough
Cough or sneeze into the crook (inside elbow) of your arm. This way you do not transfer the germs to your hands and then to every object you touch. Swine flu is very contagious, and can spread easily by touching an infected object and then touching your face. A flu mask will help you avoid infection in enclosed spaces.

3. Wash Hands Frequently
Wash hands constantly to avoid swine flu. Anything you touch may be affected, so keeping hands clean will help you avoid infection.

4. Hand Sanitizer
Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you have things others have touched, use your hand sanitizer to avoid swine flu infection. In addition, avoid shaking hands or other hand to hand contact whenever possible. Also avoid kissing on the cheek or other face to face contact as a greeting method.

5. Public Facilities
Touch public handles and pens as little as possible. These are loaded with germs that may carry the swine flu virus.

6. Air Travel
When you fly, be most diligent about following these guidelines. Transferring any flu, including swine flu, is most likely in close quarters like an airplane.

7. Clean Your Produce
The life span of a virus is different for each and can vary from as much as 48 hours to 100 years depending on the hardiness of the virus. Although there have been no known cases of swine flu transmission through fruit and vegetable consumption, there does seem to be some concern about the possibility. The best bet is to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables if possible. Make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables with water, and soak for greater effectiveness. Washes and using chlorinated rinses have not been proven to work. So far there have been no cases of swine flu transmission through fruits and vegetable sources.

8. Avoid Crowds
Stay out of crowds as much as possible. Close proximity to other people will heighten your chances of to get swine flu. Wear a surgical mask in areas of high traffic concentration. Try to stay at least 3-6 feet away from people.

9. Eating and Drinking
Do not eat or drink after others without complete sanitization of containers or utensils. Swine flu can be transmitted by contact with infected eating utensils.

10. Vaccinations
Vaccinations are not effective against the H1N1 virus. If you contract the virus get to the doctor within 36 hours and ask for Tamiflu or Relenza. These antiviral medicines will halt the progression of H1N1 or Swine flu virus.

11. Visit Your Doctor
Get to a doctor immediately if you develop symptoms of swine flu including high fever and body aches. Swine flu can be deadly, and it is imperative to get to a physician immediately if you think you have swine flu symptoms and think you might have contracted the swine flu virus. Both Tamiflu and Relenza are antiviral medicines that are currently effective against some strains of Swine Flu. These medicines should be taken within 36 hours of flu infection for maximum effectiveness.

i hope this entry will help you :) just be careful as we never know what will happen next. i'll update soon :)

so be happy and stay healthy, guys!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Reviews: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15.

helllooooooowww guuuuyyys!

so how is your day today?

don't forget to be happy and stay healthy :)

today, Indonesian ppl vote for the next Indonesian President and Vice President and i did! yaaaay! i voted and i don't hope that my choice will win. i HOPE and i mean i really do HOPE the BEST will win. the leaders who will lead to a much better Indonesia. :)

the proof that i voted! my dad said it might be last a month so that we can't vote anywhere else again. gaaaaaaaah!

today, i'm gonna review Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 that i bought couple months ago in Singapore *as far as i know, we don't have this brand in Indonesia*

Bobbi Brown says,

Specially formulated with Wheat Germ and Olive Oil, this comfortable, non-greasy lip balm immediately goes to work comforting and protecting lips. Wear alone for natural look, with Lip Liner or Lip Gloss. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 comes in a sleek and portable polished silver tin.

it costs around SGD32 if i'm not mistaken

the lip balm. i love the scent and the color. both are very soothing :) actually the color is kinda soft pink, guess the camera setting washed out the real color.

swatch on my finger. it looks greasy tho.

now let's see the how it goes on the lips :)

before using the lip balm. my lips are very dry and chapped at places sometimes it gets very annoying :(

after using the lip balm. i love how it does its job perfectly and makes my lips not chapped anymore. to be honest, i guess this is my HG lip balm as it lasts long, i don't need to re-apply over and over again over my lips. at first, it might be hard to apply because of the hard texture, but once you apply on your lips, voila! it's heaven!

with NYX Round Lipstick Frappucino. i love how it softens the color of the lipstick, any colors!

price: 2 lovess
performance: 5 lovess
packaging: 3 lovess
overall: 4 lovess

- i love how it makes my lips not dry anymore and it actually lasts long, as i mentioned before, you don't need to re-apply over and over again a day.
- even tho you re-apply it over and over and over again everyday, it won't finish fast since it has lotsa amount of the product. it can last months i think.
- the scent is nice.

- what else? the price of course lol
- it's sticky so you have to push hard to get the product and apply to your lips and you might have to apply several times if you have very dry lips
- the packaging is not so nice as you might get germs lol just make sure to close the lid as soon as you finish using it.

will i repurchase?

not in the near future because i still have lotsa product left. i think i need a loooooong time to actually finish it :D

overall, even the price is not so friendly but i think it's worth every penny :) I LOVE IT!

now, onto random stuffs. couple days ago i came across Epic Fail website and saw lotsa things that made me burst into laugh


tastes like grandma? ...... can you even imagine the taste? LOL

this one really made me LOOOOOOL. maybe he/she wasn't thinking straight but it really made my day

my fav. in particular. see? even microsoft's conference used macbook! haha~

hope you enjoy reading my post :)

have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Reviews: MAC Brush Cleanser + Tag

hey guys!

how's your day going so far? hope it's fun and you stay healthy :)

so finally i had the chance to try MAC Brush Cleanser to, of course, clean my brushes lol

when i first touched the bottle, i didn't like the feeling on my skin. it was really sticky like the liquid leaked all over the bottle >_<

so in this post, i'm gonna review the performance of this cleanser on my concealer brush.

let's start :)

EW brush! really dirty and just.... ew! it's sticky from the concealer need to be cleaned that up STRAIGHT AWAY!

put enough amount of the liquid on a small container. don't
 need to use a lot, just enough amount to soak the bristles (actually this step is effective for small brushes only)

soak the brush to the container filled with the cleanser. just enough to make the brush damp. remember, don't use a lot as you may waste a lot of product and we don't wanna do that, right?

then gently sweeping back and forth the brush on to a paper towel. do it really gently. don't wanna ruin the lovely brush. do this over and over until you see no more residues in the paper towel.

ta~da~! clean brush! <3

don't forget to lay the brush flat to dry to avoid the handle of being rotten and damaged. now you have a clean brush and ready to use!

price: 2 lovess
performance: 4 lovess
packaging: 4 lovess
overall: 4 lovess

it does its wonder job of cleaning brushes! nuff said :)

- too pricey esp. in my hometown :(
- as you can see from the pic below, it gets messy if you're not careful when put it in the container

if you notice carefully, you can see the liquid in the cap and it's sticky!

will i repurchase?

maybe. but first i wanna try my own homemade brush cleanser first :) we'll see how it'll go :D

next, i was tagged by the lovely Catanya :)

The rules:

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. i'm afraid of flying! studying abroad never healed me from this fear of flying. everytime i had to go back home or go back to Japan and Germany, i was REALLY anxious. when i started to feel at ease and could actually sleep from the long journey, i could just wake up and couldn't go back to sleep when there was a turbulence, even the small one. i hate this feeling!

2. i've always been obsessed with apple products lol. from the ipod, macbook and the iphone! good thing that i don't have this certain feeling of buying each and every product of apple even tho i'm dying to! *w00t w00t*

3. i've never had a boyfriend in my entire life. yes, you heard me right. well i was close to several people but never reached that relationship of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. and now i'm getting scared. what if there is no one ever wants to be my husband? lol i'm paranoid -________-"

4. currently, i'm obsessed with DBSK and Kim Bum from Korea. i was joking with my cousins and we both agree that if we have to close our eyes and choose one of the members of DBSK, we wouldn't have hard time to choose cos we simply love them all LOL. *drools*

5. i was not really into fashion and make up until last year. i really didn't care of what to wear and all that stuffs. and when i was in high school, my mom had to force me to put on lipstick when i went to any party. it was all yuck yuck yuck. karma does exist LOL

6. i love movies! esp ones that can make me go "aaahh" "aaawww" "WHOOAA" "EEEKK" like transformers, harry potter, 17 again, he's just not that into you. and i love watching movies like hostel, saw, texas chainsaw massacre with my movies-team. it's just better :)

7. i have been known for the most unfriendly person for first impression. ppl always thought that i am not a nice person -_______-" i guess it's all in my face haha! c'mon ppl, i'm nice! LOL

8. you can see my feeling from my face. you'll know when i'm happy, when i'm sad, when i'm in a total bad mood, when i'm angry, when i'm nervous. yes! it's written all over my face. i can't hide my feeling. so when i'm angry with you, you'll know that instantly.

9. it is my second time wearing braces. it wore it when i was in junior high and somehow my teeth got bad again -________-" today i went to my orthodontist and now it hurts like hell huhu

10. i'm having hard time to tell you more stories LOL

now i'm tagging anyone who wants to do this

have fun telling stories and i hope you had fun reading mine :)

have a lovely day, guys!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend with the Besties + Hauls

happy monday, everyone! :D

last saturday i went Mall Taman Anggrek with the besties :)
i think it's been ages since we got together (we missed 2 ppl tho T___T)

it was a really nice saturday afternoon
we ate at fish&co and just talked and talked and talked
and it was really good coz i miss hanging out with them like we usually did back in Japan
ah those were the days lol

peace sign by moi and Mita. altho my face doesn't look so peace at all lol

Nanzy and Elrica, they're actually cousins met the first time in Japan i guess. it's a small world, eh?

i ordered The Best Fish and Chips in Town, it costs Rp. 59.000 ($5.7) before the service charge and tax

they have a promotion with 1 of the cellular providers in Indonesia, XL
so if your provider is XL, you can get a free soup and drink refill!
all you have to do is send an sms to the designated number and prove the sent msgs to the waiter and voila!

say hello to my free soup! :D

i forgot what's the name tho.
but it tasted like tom yam kung.
delicious! and i was bloated! LOL

so yesterday my mom and dad just got back from a business trip in Singapore
and i asked my mom to buy for me several stuffs unavailable in Indonesia
or too expensive here

i asked:
mandom cleansing express moist (for dry skin)
mac brush cleanser
too faced shadow insurance (as i've heard some raves about this product)
too faced mini lash injection

they didn't have the mini lash injection and the shadow insurance *bummer*
and the express moist, so i asked for the sebum instead coz my face can be pretty oily sometimes

so here goes the hauls (not) lol

Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum

Nanzy has used this as her eye make up remover and when she stayed over at my house i got the chance to try and i gotta say that i love it. it's indeed moisturizing and didn't hurt my eyes, unlike the clinique one that i owned that stings my eyelids so bad they got red O_O

i'll make the review soon, based on my type of skin

the cleansing is really promising as it says that no need to rinse off with facial foam. ready to bed!

MAC Brush Cleanser

i know we can use baby shampoo to clean the brushes but i'd like to try this prof. brush cleanser and it's extremely expensive in Indonesia. i don't know tho in Singapore :P but i heard that buying MAC in Singapore is cheaper than here

and here's my haul from Mall Taman Anggrek last saturday

Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover

i've been looking for my HG nail polish remover as my last one really dries my nails :(
but i don't wanna buy something expensive *like OPI's* because i'll be using this a lot
and when you use something often, it'll finish fast too
spend more money
lol i'm such a cheapskate

until now, i'm loving this polish remover

review pretty soon

actually i also bought Maybelline Intense XXL Waterproof Mascara
but i forgot to take pic lol

thank you for reading!

have a lovely monday, guys!

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