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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hauls from Hawaii

helloooooow, guys! how are you doing today?
hope you're enjoying your life like i am :P

as most of you maybe already know that Nanzy is already in Jakarta, before she went back i asked her to buy for me first several products that aren't sold or sold much much cheaper than Jakarta.

so here are the total damages from my hauls from Hawaii *wink wink*

1. NYX Round Lipstick in Tea
2. NYX Round Lipstick in Power
3. NYX Round Lipstick in Lala
4. NYX Nails Polish in Karnak
5. NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown
6. NYC Brow/Eye Liner Pencil in Black
7. Jane Blush in Blushing Blossom
8. HiP Color Color Truth Cream Liner in Black

and it costs me around $35. and i got HiP Cream Liner!! LOL

arigatou, Nanzy-chan! sorry for the inconvenience i caused =P

NYX Round Lipsticks! Nanzy enabled me through one of her posts about NYX Round Lipsticks that she bought and yeeeessss i wanted them, too! -sigh-

NYX Round Lipstick

the color is a bit darker in actual tho. one thing that i like about NYX Round Lipsticks that i just bought is that they're not shimmery yet have shiny effect that makes the lips appear more glowing :D

Tea is also a bit darker actually. but yea it's a natural choice of color for daily wear. i think it's gonna be in my fav list in no time.

power is a lil brighter in real life. it's like a bright lavender kinda color. guess i'll mix it with other color to soften the color hohoho

Jane Blush in Blushing Blossom

i'm sooooo loving this color! fits my skin color perfectly. just take not too much amount and sweeps it from cheekbone to the apple of the cheek and voila! fresh looking face!

Jane says, "Remarkable powdered blush formula that is streak-proof and fade-proof. Soft colors give skin a natural flushed look. Sweeps on naturally and blends easily for a look that’s true to you!."

NYC Eyeliners

i really like NYC waterproof eyeliner pencil coz it's easy to apply smoothly. and maybe the color can be a replacement when i'm bored with my black eyeliner. and NYC brow/eyeliner pencil i think might be good for lower lash line for now coz it's still sharp lol in a nutshell, i love these NYC eyeliners <3

HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

at last i got my own HiP Color Truth Cream Liner in Black! i've been wanting this product for quite some time now and thnx to the sweetest Nanzy, I GOT IT! it comes with professional brush which i don't think i'm gonna use it tho since i really like the gel liner brush that i own currently.

it's creamy, easy to apply, not too dark and not too light. the perfect black i'd say :)

Cleanse Your Soul

Cleanse Your Soul says, "Sugary pink lemonade blended w/ white wedding cake, marshmallow topping and a cherry on top."

i know, YUMMY, right?!

so i asked Nanzy for a neutral color of nail polish and she recommended me buying this one, NYX Nails in Karnak. and yes, i'm glad i chose this color. such a pretty neutral color, don't you think? it's a YAY for me! :D i can wear this when i'm not really into artsy nailsy :P



the most favorite thing among all!

ladies and gentlemen.. i present you........




MEN OF HAWAII! 2010 calendar!!

Nanzy said that Aaron, her fiance, Insong and Tomas got this for me and i was like "..................................... ok................."

so yeah i asked for a Hawaiian guy for my presents and DEAR LORD! they gave me Hawaiian GUYS! LOL
aren't they the sweetest or what? hahahahaaaaaa -____________-"

so i'm in love with the January Guy LOOOOL

i was really speechless when Nanzy handed it over to me and just went "what the....."

so basically those what i got from Nanzy and her guys. really really love love love all the things i got. danke schon, guys!

and thanks for reading for you :)

have a lovely daaay!

17 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

NOW I don't know which is hotter, your lips or the MEN of Hawaii! LOL I have to choose I have to choose! LOL But gosh those are lovely hauls from Hawaii, enjoy them and enjoy looking hot for the MEN too *winks*

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ooo i do love Lala on you :) The nail colour is so pretty too!! LOL@calender ;)

Nanzy said...

"me & my guys" hahahahah what do you think I am? Pimptress??

lol anyway, glad you liked everything, I enjoyed our sleepover SO MUCH!!! thanks for driving me around yah........mwahs mwahs mwahs

I love Mr.December 2010!!! He soooo passes for Brad Pitt's brother haha

Ai said...

Nikki: LOOL! you can choose but stay away from my January Guy LOOOOOL! thnx Nikki oh i do enjoy them hahahaa!

Nic: aaww thank you, Nic!

Nanzy: HAHAHAHA yea you and your guys. you guys complete each other, no? LOL! oohh thnx for sparing time to stay at my house! nanti kita berjalan2 lagi yaaaa!

Glamorous Beauty said...

You have some nice things. I also own HIP cream eyeliner. And I like the way it works, the only thing is I have a hard time washing it off. I own NYX lipsticks and I like how smooth they are, they remind me of lip gloss. The nail polish and lipsticks look great on you. And that sugar scrub looks delicious.

Fifi said...

Lala looks pretty!

(Now let's just hope my boyfriend won't find this comment, lol)

Ai said...

Glamorous Beauty: thank you! yea i tried HiP yesterday and i'm loving it.

Fifi: LOOOL look at them six-packs *w00t w00t*

FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Hey Ai!

Thank you so much for stopping by my site and your very sweet comment! :)

You and your site are adorable and what a Fun and Fabulous Hawaii haul...so glad you were able to get what you wanted!

Liesl :)

my_makeup_mania said...

What a nice haul! Amazing lip stuffs! Cool! Cool! Cool!

awe! ad btw, about a watermelon diet, i just I ate watermelons and drank only water! but I don't recommend it for you, cause my stomach is very weak after that :(

Ai said...

Liesl: aww thnx for the comment :)

Anastacia: you ate only watermelons for 3 months? oh my! maybe i need water diet. we'll see. thnx for the info :)

dita said...

ai.. ck..ck.. bad..
nice haul. and i love the lippie :)
a cup of (nyx) TEA and MEN? hmm... perfect! :lol:

melur said...

aiii ini lucu2 bgt..me love the nude nail enamel..! XOXO

Ai said...

Dita: LOL. i just can stare all day drooling over the calendar *pathetic mode: SUPER ON* hahahaaaa.. oh the lippie and the men go along well, eh? :P

Melur: hihihihi trimakasiiiih meyuuuuuy! me lovey as well! warna nya netral bangeeet <3

Jian said...

OH MY GOSH! I love the haul! That blush looks *super* pretty! I can imagine it giving your cheeks a super pretty glowy flush!

Ai said...

i love the blush, too! doesn't make your cheek looks like you've been slapped lol

Menoedh said...

Can't believe I'm saying this..but love the mennn!!! Hehe..*diem-diem ambil gunting*

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from Alaska. Is is possible for someone to scan a JPEG of Hawaiian man, "Reid--Mr. January 2010". I can't get the calendar here, :(

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