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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hauls: OPI *again*

hey all!

yesterday finally i watched Drag Me To Hell with my bestie, Mita.

actually at first we were planning to watch Night at Museum 2 since we need a good laugh without laughing at ourselves but when i found out that Drag Me To Hell is already played in Jakarta, i DRAGGED her to watch the movie with me LOL

to be honest, she is NOT a big fan of horror movies. yea, hundreds of times we watched horror movies together with Nanzy as well on DVDs, she ALWAYS ended up sleeping since she was TOO scared to watch those movies. so i was quite proud of myself yesterday mwahahahahaha.

and BOY! the sound system was TOOOO LOOUUUUDDDD i had to close my ears during the movie for like 2 freaking hours. i can take horror scene BUT i can't take the sound. it frightens me so bad! LOL.

so as i expected, at some point it was kinda corny and we went like "HUH?" "EEEWWWW!!!!" "GROSSSS!!!!" "WTF??!!!" "WHY DID I SPEND MY MONEY ON THIS???!!!" the end is pretty predictable since horror movie NEVER has a happy-ending, right? RIGHT? so for you guys who are curious about this movie *like i was* be sure to be prepared to watch some ewww-ness for app. 2 hours. the ONLY thing that made me survive watching this movie is JUSTIN LONG bahahahaaaaaa! he makes me drool *blushes*

after watching that oh-my-God-that-was-so-gross movie, we just walked around the mall and *again* i saw this OPI counter. so we went there and those colorful nail polishes screamed my name and DRAGGED me to my own imagination if i have those pretty colors. so in the end, she bought i think it was nail strengthener and i bought myself a gorgeous green color Green-wich Village, and dazzling orange color, Atomic Orange.

The SA told me that Green-wich Village is very popular now in Jakarta. what about in your countries?

i've been looking for an orange color for my nails and Atomic Orange is a very pretty orange color! sorry for the messy-ness of my nails.

so perhaps starting from next week i'll be doing another internship outside Jakarta for my thesis. it's a paper and pulp company and i'll be working in environmental-related department.

wish me luck, guys! *crossing fingers*

so, have a lovely days for all lovely ladies! :D

3 lovess:

Tina Marie said...

Cute colors! I love the green especially (:

Yet said...

I like the green nail polish!! (I don't think i'd be that great for my skin color but on the model it rocks). So anyway, I despise horror flicks! The horrible endings are what get me! I mean...what's up with that?? And they're so nasty...I just can't take it...hehe. your post was funny!

Ai said...

TIna Marie: thnx, Tina! :) i LOOOOOOVE the green as well!

Yet: have u tried the green color on your nails tho? I KNOW! it has the maximum rate of eww-ness! yuck! LOL but as i said, Justin Long made me stay until the end lol

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