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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Trips: Semarang

hey all!
how's your weekend going so far?

as i mentioned earlier, yesterday my family and i went to Semarang, the capital city of Central Java. we took a plane from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at around 1 and arrived around 2. well it took app. 50 mins by airplane.

SEMARANG E YOUKOSO! it was freaking hot! after we got out of the airport, we directly headed to a shop selling curtain and bed sheets to buy ourselves some cute and nice new bed sheets woo-hooo! i picked a purple one and it was expensive lol. gomen ne okaasan. then suddenly i got a really really painful stomachache i couldn't barely walk. never felt that way before even when i had my period. so we had to head directly to the hotel. took a medicine for period cramp and took a rest a lil and the pain was gone. not gone completely but it was much much better. then we got ready for a gathering night with my dad's office ppl all around Central Java and also Police Academy in Semarang i believe.

one of the performances last night. the band was from Police Academy. they played 2 songs, can't take my eyes off of you and indonesian song from ST 12 called Cari Pacar Lagi (Find Another Girlfriend). they played soooo good i was really amused!

food time! the left one is Martabak (my fav!!). taken from wikipedia:

Martabak telur, or egg martabak, is a crepe-like dish which mainly comprises vegetables. It also includes chicken or duck egg for the batter - up to six eggs for a large one. Martabak telur is made by spinning pastry until very thin, like filo pastry, then shallow-frying it in a custom made flattened heavy wok. The ingredients are added, then the pastry is wrapped around the ingredients to make a parcel. Usually, it is cut into squares afterwards for consumption. It is often eaten with slices of cucumber, and a dark brown sauce made of vinegar and palm sugar.

the right one is Tahu Petis, i guess? LOL. personally i don't really enjoy eating this one coz i just don't hahahaaa. but trust me, it is actually really delicious. many ppl love it tho.

we stayed at Santika Hotel. and i had to put this pic. the bathroom is incredibly LARGE, the photo is just a very tiny little space inside the bathroom. it's even larger than my ROOM. LOL and we can see the unfinished building outside. romantic, right? hahaha.

again, i just had to put this pic. very typical of Indonesian motorcycles and i'm pretty sure also in other Southeast Asian countries, right fellaaas? okay so who am i to judge them? but it can def. danger their lives and the poor baby. at least they should consider that before going with motorcycles with 3 or more ppl on it, agree anyone?

the building at the back is called Lawang Sewu (The Thousands Doors). okay so maybe the name is exaggerating but it sure has LOTSA doors! it is believed as one of the most scary and haunted places in Java Island and it was used for making a horror movie with the same title as the building's name. the movie's not good i heard but meh!

so that's all my trip to Semarang. enjoyed it a lot. too bad we stayed there only for one day. OH! and i met one of my precious friend back in Japan, Teguh! i was soooooooo happy! just like the old times even for like only 15 mins. he introduced his girlfriend, Brenda. such a pretty lady.


12 lovess:

Fifi said...

Looks like you're having fun, Ai!
Lawang Sewu IS scary! Haha I've never had the guts to go inside. My grandpa lives in Semarang, btw. :)

Dimpul said...

the martabak looks so big and delicious-soo..., and i bet that u've eating soooo much.., right-o???


Ai said...

Fifi: i did! if only i stayed longer tho :( hahaaa me neither. i just stared at it from a very looong distance LOL. oh iya? semarang mana nya Fi?

Dimpul: HUH! aku tidak kenal kamuuu! huhu kan mau nonton 17 again diin huhuhu.. MAKAN BANYAK DOOOONG!!!! hahaha *bangga mode: SUPER ON*

Askmewhats said...

thanks for sharing, I love reading posts like that, puts me to where you are!

melur said...

aiiii...bangga deh denger kamu ngacir sendiri ke Semarang...hahaha
tadinya aku mau ngajakin kamu n yuyie nonton bareng HOME akhir minggu ini heheiheihee...
duuuuuhhhh itu yaaa foto makanannya gangguuuuu dehhhhhhhh!!!! *bikin ngiler tauuu..cesss cessssssss*

eh apa aja makanannya yang enak iii? :P

my_makeup_mania said...

that food pic looks so nyum nyum!

O.F.C.J. said...

Hello, I just found your blog. Please visit mY new one. Thanks!


Ai said...

Nikki: thnx, Nikki! i'm glad you enjoyed reading it :)

Melur: sayangnya cuman semalem yuuy huhuhu ga sempet explore lagi deeeehhh.. trs kapan doong kita ktemuaaann?

My Make-up Mania: oohh it is yum yum! super yum yum! lol

O.F.C.J.: thnx for finding my blog :D i will def. visit your blog :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow the hussle and bustle of a city :) the food looks good :D

Ai said...

Nic: oh they are good, Nic! LOL

Glamorous Beauty said...

It does seem unusual to see two adults and a baby on a motorcycle. The food looks delicious. I've never heard of Martabak before. I like learning about food from other cultures. Thanks for the information.

Ai said...

it is very very common to see some adults and some children on 1 motorcycles here. scary eh? martabak is really delicious. i'll try to get you the recipe and maybe you can cook it someday :)

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