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Sunday, January 29, 2006

/ sway /


When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more

Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me, sway with me

Other dancers may be on the floor (Be on the floor...)
Dear, but my eyes will see only you (See only you...)
Only you have that (Oooo...) magic technique.
When we sway I go weak (I go so weak)

I can hear the sounds of violins
Long before it begins (It begins...)
Make me thrill as only you know how (You know how...)
Sway me smooth, sway me now

Mi amor.
Sway me, make me (Hey yeah.)
Thrill me, hold me (Hold...)
Bend me, ease me
You have a way with me (Me...!)

Hey yea.
Sway Me.

Ba ba ba da da, Ba ba ba da da, Ba ba da da,
Ba ba ba da da, Ba ba ba da da, ba da ba da ba.

Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak
I go weak

I can hear the sounds of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how (You know how...)
Sway me smooth, sway me now
Make me thrill as only you know how (Come and sway me)

Sway me smooth (Ah!), sway me now (Come and sway me baby come and sway me)
Make me thrill as only you know how (Ah!)
Sway me smooth (Uh huh, uh huh), sway me now

Sway me
Sway me
Sway me now

Saturday, January 28, 2006

[ kimatsu shiken ]

counting down. next week we're having final exam or in japanese, kimatsu shiken [desyou? hehehe] i can see the faces. faces of fear and worried and stressed. coz maybe i have it too in my own face. today i had 3 classes. management accounting. japanese. seminar accounting. [gosh, i've had enough of accounting] the most interesting class was japanese. nazenara, coz we had JLPT. japanese language proficiency test. it's like TOEFL for english. and why it was interesting? BECAUSE without looking properly to the questions, i could answer them all. okay it's not joking i couldn't do it. hehehehe well guess lots of my friends couldn't do it either. except the ones who are taking japanese base and STILL taking japanese courses. i know. lots of reasons as well. i heard from inan that one of her classmates is taking this japanese class for improving his kanji. d'OH! hehehehehe yeah well. we're different i know. some of them are half japanese. and some of them have been learning japanese for years. no wonder, huh?? but korekara i MUST ganbarou as well! YOSH!

and today in seminar class we talked about live door. and the professor told us about his "astonishing" experience with the japan police. he's so damn funny. okay maybe he looks scary. i had that first impression also. but since i take his seminar class, i know that he's okay. even he's the best accounting teacher in my university. [from the fact that we only have 2 accounting teachers and the other one is..... i dunno how to say it. so let's just shut up for now hehehe] it's not just my subjective point of view. ask my friends. most of them [maybe all of them] think the same, too. i think the other prof and us, the students, should learn accounting together with my seminar class' prof. well okay enough story about classes, especially accounting.

oh about japanese class, i'm SO afraid of failing the class. oh GOD. really. i'm the stupidest in my class. [crying] i'm not lying coz i'm sure of that. no matter how hard i study, i just don't fit in. and now i just can ganbarou in my interview and final exam. [FYI, the final exam will be a lecture in japanese and later we have to answer questions] do you realize how many "answer" and "questions" words i already used just now? what's up with them anyway? ah well. it's time to take a bath and then sleep, oh i mean study. study HARD! wish me luck. and wish you good luck. mwah!!!

. . tanda - tanda obesitas . .


1. Jika Anda sudah menikah dan cincin pernikahan mulai sulit dilepaskan dari jari manis Anda.
2. Saat tujuh belas Agustusan, Anda menjadi peserta yang dicari-cari untuk bagian paling belakang di perlombaan tarik tambang antar RT.
3. Teman kerja Anda mulai menyarankan agar Anda menggunakan tangga, dan bukan lift.
4. Sepatu Anda kekecilan semua dan Nike Air Anda kempes.
5. Setiap Anda naik angkutan umum, kenek meminta ongkos untuk dua orang.
6. Anda harus jongkok dan mengambil ancang-ancang dulu sebelum melompat.
7. Saat Anda mencoba timbangan koin elektronis, ia berkata agar naik ketimbangannya satu-satu, jangan duaan atau lebih.
8. Setiap Anda melompat masuk kolam renang, terjadi ombak lokal yang cukup dahsyat.
9. Anda terpaksa beli ikat pinggang baru karena kehabisan tempat untuk bikin lubang lagi.
10.Satu-satunya cara agar Anda bisa menghemat biaya makan di luar adalah dengan mendatangi restoran all- you-can-eat.
11.Dokter internis Anda menyarankan untuk menurunkan berat badan, demi kesehatan Anda.


1. Cincin pernikahan sudah tak bisa dilepaskan dari jari kelingking Anda, kecuali dengan las atau amputasi.
2. Begitu mengetahui Anda juga mengikuti lomba makan kerupuk, semua peserta lain mengundurkan diri.
3. Alarm lift yang Anda naiki protes keberatan, padahal Anda sendirian.
4. Anda lupa nomor sepatu Anda karena sudah lebih dari setahun tidak bisa melihat kaki sendiri. Anda bahkan tidak yakin sudah mengenakan sepatu atau belum.
5. Saat Anda bergerak menuju angkutan umum kosong yang sedang ngetem, mobilnya malah kabur.
6. Setiap Anda mengambil ancang-ancang mau melompat, semua orang di sekitar langsung tiarap.
7. Saat Anda mencoba timbangan koin elektronis, uang Anda dimuntahkan.
8. Pengurus kolam renang langganan Anda menyesuaikan jadwal menguras kolam dengan kedatangan Anda.
9. Penjual ikat pinggang mulai menawarkan tali tambang.
10.Anda mau memasuki restoran all-you-can-eat dan tempatnya langsung tutup.
11.Bahkan dokter Anda pun menyarankan untuk menurunkan berat badan, demi keselamatan dunia.

| extraordinary |

how does it feel to be extraordinary? nice, eh? that's what i think. that's what i think when i watch X-Men, Fantastic Four, and recently The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen. having superpower might be cool, i guess but yeah well i'm not quite sure about that coz i'm just a normal girl who spends her life normally. hehehehe. it's already 14:20 and i'm still here. throwing my life away. killing time. wasting time. you name it.

oh btw, recently i play the game online www.themafiaboss.com god it's totally cool. you're playing the boss of the mafia gang n trying to be the best. you've got whores, bodyguards, thugs, card dealers, and so on. spending your money on alcohol, weed, coke, guns, cars [S Limo for God's sake] and the most interesting part is your own jet and planes! hahahaha what a life! you also can attact other mafiosos and steal their stuffs. but then. i got frozen. they said i was cheating of having 2 accounts. LOL. i only have 1 ya know. the heck. then i lost my "appetite" in playing that game. hope it'll end soon coz i had so much fun back then.very well my friends. i gotta go now. kinda feeling hungry. so long. mwah~~

. . . once upon a time . . .

in a small town called beppu. never heard of it? neither did i. until i decided to spend my next 4 years in a international campus in the middle of nowhere. why nowhere? because it is in the top of the mountain. i mean for real. literally. i was shocked. and maybe my friends felt the same like i did. exactly the same. no life. hell boring. yeah i know the feeling. i was like a little brat who lost her way in a whole new world. but then... i met them, the ones who i call friends who soon became my bestfriends. with them i can laugh. i can cry. i can be myself. oasis in the desert. that's what i call them. i admit i need them to be my friends. in good times. in bad times. all the times. and then again... i realize...

my time here slowly passed away. in 2 year-time (amin) i will graduate. and sadly, i will separate with them. i know sooner or later that is gonna happen but i didn't realize it's gonna end so soon. our time together. gosh, how much i will miss you guys a lot. i know it's not like we're gonna be gone forever but still... we've been spending our times together almost 24/7 and that meant a lot. to me. sooner i will have to face a new world (again) by myself. starting from zero again. meet new people. well there is "hello" and there is "goodbye". that's life mi amigos. agree? this post i dedicate to all my friends, especially my bestbudds whom i know my whole life. you guys are the best. really really love you all! mwah! hehehehehehehe. mata aimasyou ne! (ok. it's for my friends outside japan. hehehehehe.)

. joyful . joyful .

today is sunday. what should i be doing at this very moment? yea right. doing my attractive japanezy report. crap. instead i am writing this useless yet interesting bullshit blog. more crap. bored to death. yes i am. hungry? say no more. but still there is one little thing that keeps me happy this morning. just got shoes that i've been craving since, well, not quite long time ago but the sensation of making them mine was really, you can say, enjoyable. LOL.

oh btw, last night, my girls and i [don't have to mention the names over again rite?] watched movies again. and again. and again. and still the ghiblis are on the line. we watched kill bill 2 and somewhere on the movie something was mentioned, it was 'bout an old man who liked young girls. then my girls kept on making fun of me of being pedophil. yea yea go on laugh at me. but hey it's not my fault. it's not like he's 10 years younger than me. and by the way, he's smart. he's gorgeous. and i think i'm gonna throw up right about now. LOL. guess i'm making fool of myself, eh? yet i thank GOD i still know the feeling of love. to be in love. well well well i did it again.what's up with me today??? too much dramas. should stop! oh well gotta go watch some more of ghiblis. it's haunting me. i'm addictive. damn. until next time.

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