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Monday, June 29, 2009

hauls and stuffs

hey guuuuuuys!

sorry for the lack of updating my blog -______-"

my thesis' deadline is approaching and i had to finish it as soon as possible and I DID! I'VE FINISHED MY THESIS! yaaaaaay! Thank GOD!

well, i still have several reports to finish and 1 MORE THESIS to go for next year *faint*

but for now, i want to relax a bit and enjoy my life. oh wait, i do that every single day LOL

so i got this award from Fifi a while ago!

cat award!! oh miiii Goooood! i LOOOVEEEE cats!! thnx a looot darhliing!

and now i'm gonna share with you my lovely cats

i present you....

this is HANA. my dad named her after 'flower' in Japanese. no particular reason tho. he said it was a cute name. ............. oooookaaaayyy. she's really really cute! and fluffy!

left: HANA
right: NIKKO

my dad named *again* NIKKO after 'sunrise' in Japanese. and he's more fluffier that HANA actually. both can really run around the house and scratch my mom's couches until she gets angry and then run away hiding some places we don't really know -_________-" and sometimes i can just squish them!!! LOL they are too fluffy hahahahaha


now onto the haul

couple weeks ago i ordered 88 color matte palette from Ebay and couple days ago i got them! YAAAAAY!

look at those pretty colors! yes i'm a sucker for colors. lotsa colors :|

but unfortunately, one of the colors broke :( the one in the upper right corner

see? my silver color broke :( but well that's okay. i still can use it and heck! i still have 87 other colors, right? right? and less than $20 for 88 colors is really cheap as hell!

now, here are some of the swatches. now i don't do all swatches coz i'm sure a lot of you know the colors already, right? lol i'm just a lazy ass!

so i swatched the broken color, green, light purple and black

i love them! they're really pigmented and pretty colors!

last Saturday i went to Senayan City again with my little brother, cousins and 3 of my friends.
we were really really determined to watch TRANSFORMERS 2!

i heard from some of my friends that the tickets sold out already and i was like
"WTH???!!!! all goooonnneeee?????"
so that Saturday, i told my cousins and friends that we had to move FAST to get the ticket.
the mall opened at 10.00 and we arrived at around 10.20. because i was driving, i asked my little bro and cousin to get the ticket while i parked my car. yeah, we were THAT determined!

it was still morning so there were LOTSA free places to park. YEAAHH!
and we rushed to the cinema. i called my cousin and she said that
"the cinema's still closed and there are lotsa ppl already queuing in front of the door"
ARGH! it's weekend! of course many ppl would want to go watch TRANSFORMERS.

but fortunately, my little bro and cousins and my friend were the first in line so when the door was opened they RAN and RUSHED to the ticket booths LOL


we got the BEST seats!


it's the look i did that Saturday

Products used:


Eyeko 3-in-1 Cream

Rimmel Hydrasense Flawless Concealer

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

MAC Paint Pot 'Bare Study'

Urban Decay Eyeshadow 'Shag'

Urban Decay Eyeshadow 'Ransom'

88 Color Matte Palette 'Dark Purple'

88 Color Matte Palette 'Black'

NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

NYC Brow/Eyeliner Pencil 'Black'

Maybelline Unstoppable Lash Extension Mascara


MAC Blush 'Pinch Me'

(i don't wear any powder or foundation because i use doctor's products now)


NYX Round Lipstick 'Tea'

"i'm gonna watch TRANSFORMERS 2 todaaaay!" peace and out!

"sold out???!! eeeekkkk!!!!"

"i'm gonna be bummed if i can't watch it. I WANT TO WATCH!!!"

"i love my little bro, cousin, and friend for getting the tickets for me" LOL

so about the movie:

i couldn't close my mouth in the first 2 minutes!
well sometimes the editing was a bit BLAH
and 1 thing that i don't like about the movie
despite the fact that it's a movie about ROBOT, which doesn't really exist
they made MEGAN FOX beautiful and CLEAN throughout the movie.

i mean, she had to run through the desert in Egypt and managed to keep pretty?
i just think that it's pretty impossible in real world.
but hell! she's freaking sexy!!


it's cute when crying OMG!

and also MEGATRON *w00t w00t*
when he screamed "DECEPTICON!"

i'm melting LOL

so i think i'm back with blogging world!

have a nice day ppl!

PS: let's pray for Nikki and her mom who had gallbladder surgery last Friday.
GOD Bless you, Nikki dear! we all gonna pray for you and your mom :)
be tough, ok?

7 lovess:

fleurrainy said...

kucingnya lucu bangettt~~~
btw, nice eyes~~~

Nanzy said...

haha those kitty of yours....mukanya marah........ love the palette =) have fun w/ colors yaaaaaaak hehehe

my_makeup_mania said...

Woow! I like your make-up!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

cute look!! id love to have a palette like that... good luck with your thesis!

Ai said...

Fleurrainy: ahahaha thank youuuu..!

Nanzy: iye ga suka kl difoto jadinya bengis gitu deh mukanya kayak lo hahahaha

Anastacia: aaww thnx a lot, dear!

Nic: yees i'm loving the palette! thnx so much! now still have 1 more thesis to go!

letmethink's said...

mata kucingnya emang bgtu yaa..kirain pake softlens,hehehe...
lovd ur EOTD.. :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Cute Cats, BEAUTIFUL eyes!

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