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Friday, October 31, 2008

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What were you doing in the picture?

The 4 of us, my lovely bestfriends, were on the boat from Beppu to Osaka, having so much fun with nothing to do but taking pics and laughing and exchanging presents. The journey took about 12 hours but we enjoyed it so much. TOKYO TRIP, BEYBEH! I was so young back then LOL and never used ANY make-up, even sunblock!

Anything you missed from last year?

Everything. I miss EVERYTHING about Japan, Beppu, especially the bestfriends I've made in Japan :( They're SUPERB, simply irreplaceable.

Do you think you've changed over a year?

A lot. I gained weight -____-" which is really bad considering I'm not the picture perfect type of girl LOL. I've started to wear make-ups and nice bath&body products (thanks to my super bestfriend, Nanzy) and I know somehow I've changed personally, a lot especially after I entered graduate school.

If God asked you if you wanted to go back to where you were last year, what would you say?

I won't lie, I'd love to go back, I'm dying to go back but I know it won't change anything that made me today. But I wanna go back to 2 years ago tho. Ah great memories :)


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FOTD: simple look!

i was so bored today, got nothing to do *ehm, let's forget my report for a while ehm* and after reading the comment from the sweet Nikki, i decided to play a lil bit with my nails :D since i'm in love with the drop-dead gorgeous-green, i painted all my nails green and added some rhinestones and here's what i came up with.

not perfect, still messy but i like them. pretty cute in my BIG hands lol. the nail polish is from ettusais, i got it when i was in japan. playing with nails can be really fun! :D should do this more often hahaha and the broken nails were covered by the green polishes. couldn't love green more. puurfect! hoho

it's becoz of these artificial nails i got the broken nails! okay it was totally my fault, i was stupid of pulling them off with force but i didn't expect that the artificial nails can break your real nails. shoot! i'd be more careful next time. i've learned my lesson well. ah well, maybe i won't wear them anymore lol. i'm happy just by playing with nail polishes and rhinestones.

these are the poor nails i've broken :( they totally look sooo bad :( oh gawd how could i be so stupid?! pulling off with force, who would think that? yeap, learned my lesson!

today i only had 1 class from 9-10.30 so i decided to do a simple look for my face.

Lorac CoverUp C4
Make Up For Ever Compact Powder

NYX Blush Terra Cotta

jW Bare Necessities (as a base)
NYX Eyeshadow Sahara Pearl (all over lid)
NYX Trio Eyeshadow in Dandy the middle one (highlight)
NYX Eye Pencil in White (lower lash line)
Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow *i don't know the color is since the tag is disappeared already* (outer V & crease)
Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black
Estee Lauder Lash XL

Salvatore Ferragamo Lip Balm
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose
NYX Lip Pencil in Natural
NYX Lipgloss in Natural

boy, do i love NYX so much LAWL

yesterday i did a green look for my eyes since i wore green shirt and yes, i love green. guess i said it thousand times and all my friends know how much i'm in love with green. but unfortunately i forgot what i used :( but anyway here are the pics.

have a nice day all! :) peace and out! LOL

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

saarbrucken: hauls!

saarbrucken is a city 40 mins from my place where i usually buy food stock for a week or so, they have this pretty big department store with a small but somehow complete supermarket inside. so i was planning to buy food the other day with my friends and they just asked to go around first.

and the intention of food shopping just went BLAH and i bought many other things instead. we passed the department store, and i saw this little shop of "perfumerie douglas" and i just couldn't resist, i went inside and saw the discount on the perfume i'd been wanting, gucci rush.

and this perfume now goes everywhere i go. hohoho. i really like the scent of gucci rush and gucci rush 2. they're my favorites so far.

then, we went straight again and saw this bigger "douglas" shop. shoot! i just knew that i HAD TO go in. so there we went. i skipped the perfume segment and went to second floor. there was MAC. and yes, i'd been lemming to own one of MAC lipsticks, i don't know why but i just wanted to. *actually, i wanted the duo fibre brush but it costs about 49 euro o.O and i can't afford to pay that much of money for a brush* so i got this pinkish lipstick instead, amplified creme lipstick in chatterbox.

my officially first MAC lipstick! LOL! love it love it love it! i'll do the swatch later :)

we went straight again and i saw zara. not a good sign. well a good sign tho coz finally i saw well-known shop since i arrived in germany. hehehe and yes, we went in. i needed new shoes coz the ones that i wore everyday started to scream at me and ppl kept staring everytime -________-" okay, chill out ppl, they're just shoes not snake!

at last! i got new shoes! the decent ones! and ppl had stopped staring at my shoes LOL. maybe i'll post my used-to-be-shoes on my next post. i intend to throw them, but i still need them once in a while, when i want some attention from others LOL.

then i remembered that i needed a new planner for 2009 so we went back to the department store and i got this cute planner. it wasn't so cheap but i just fell in love when i saw it and it was the only one left in the store.

hello deer-y flowers! we'll be needing each other from this december. yoroshiku onegaishimasu! and then i finally went broke in an instant. i delayed the food shopping since i spent the money o.O and we had to catch the second last train since it went straight to our station. ah well! at least i got my guilty pleasure things and i SHOULD stop shopping >_<

ps: i just broke 2 of my nails becoz of artificial nails. damnit! :(

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trier: The Oldest City

yesterday i went to the oldest city in Germany and one of the cities of Roman Empires, Trier with my friends and it took about 1 and a half hour from my place by bus. the journey was pretty boring and frustrating. it was a long and winding road indeed LOL. as soon as we arrived, we went straight to our destination: the Porta Nigra and the old city inside. and at last, i felt like in Germany LAWL

Porta Nigra (which means Black Gate) seen from across the street. it's the gate to the city of Trier. now, let's look inside the city.

oh wait. that's not the city. it's me -__-" ah well. gotta take lotsa pics, rite? RITE? LOL. okay, seriously, let's look around.

i think blogspot loves me much, eh? LOL that's me and my friend who, fortunately, is studying in a pretty big city in Germany, Gießen, only takes 40 minutes to Frankfurt. lucky her.

this is the place right after you go inside through the Porta Nigra. with the view of old buildings, there are lots of modern shops, you can find Douglas, Benetton, Pizza Hut, Subway, H&M, and others. wanted to buy benefit but i saved my money for EUROTRIP! woo-hoo! much more worthy than make-up, right? pls tell me i'm right. coz i've bought sooo much the other day.

this place is marktplatz if i'm not mistaken. i assume it means market place in english. i assume LOL. you can see ppl selling stuffs, flowers and walnuts. i love the walnuts but it was pretty expensive tho :(

on the way to Dom St. Peter (Trier Cathedral) we saw these guys and i must take a picture! i was really happy taking picture with them, you can see from my face lol

i forgot to take picture of the front side of the Cathedral -_____-" but it was under renovation so it wouldn't make it pretty tho

these are the inside view of the Cathedral. it was really pretty but at the same time it was kinda creepy. my friend, sari, and i were walking around inside the Cathedral while waiting for Steven to pray.

outside the Cathedral there was this cute train-car. i wanted to ride it but thought walking would be much better, for the sake of diet hahaha

then we went to Konstantin Platz. that's the map of the Konstantin Platz from the Roman time until today. pretty big differences since now they have more shapes compared to the Roman time.

if you see the below stone carefully you can see the carving "LIEBE" which means LOVE and my nickname means LOVE in japanese LOL okay me being unimportant.

i like the view of this garden. you can see the Palace of Trier form here. sooo green and relaxing and besides this garden, you can see big baths for the royals in Roman Empires. now, let's take a look.

ta-da! i would have been lost and tired everytime i wanted to take a bath if my bathroom was THIS big! and i know i would sweat so bad after bath lol. i went through the "tunnel" to get to the main baths. i'm sure it was really magnificent back then. i would to see tho.

this is the close-up look of the Roman baths. those little doors are the doors to the royal baths. and i have no idea why the entire baths are THAT big. but still i'm amazed.

and that was the end of our tour that day coz we were getting tired of walking so we decided to go home and rest. actually there was Karl Marx house but we couldn't find it so maybe we will try next time. and i'm waiting for my next trip in Germany. next week i'm planning to go to Frankfurt and Gießen. so see ya on the next trip :)

have a great weekend all!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

new life here = still sux

it's only been almost 3 weeks now since i arrived in Germany. fun? not really. sux? BIG TIME! i can list all the things that keep me wanting to go back but it'll be like endless posting -__________-"

1. limited connection of internet. means i can't watch youtube, i can't download, i can't upload photos, no webcam for me and limited phone calls from skype. how great is that??

2. i had to pay the whole month rent even i stayed there for 6 freaking days only! WTF?!

3. i've had enough of pasta and kebab. i want indonesian food!

4. this is the freakiest school building i've ever seen. you can see clearly the corridor of a hospital. yeah fyi, my school was once a hospital for military. and sshhh it's really creepy in here.

5. there are only some ppl who want to speak English and i can barely speak Germany. uh oh i MUST learn it quickly. as quickly as possible.

6. the washing machine is the worst. can't say no more.

7. have to sit my ass off in the train for app. 2 hours to get to big city. pain in the ass literally.

and etc. etc.

i'm waiting for next month when i can get the unlimited access of internet in the campus! oohh sooo crossing my fingers!! i miss blogging here :(

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