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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tagged + Awards

hey all! 

how's your MONDAY going so far?
mine was just so-so but it's much much better than BAD, right?
i went to the bank then supermarket for buying some stuffs.
then went back home straight.
yes, still have thesis to do.

now on to the tags and awards since i'm too bored for writing thesis now LOL


i've been tagged by glamorous beauty

1. What's your favorite make up look?

i'd go with NEUTRAL look that i can wear daily.
neutral color eye shadow. black eyeliner. mascara. a lil hint of blush. lipstick.
and off i go!

2. Do you have a beauty vice?

anything COLORFUL!

i can't resist colorful eyeshadow. colorful nail polishes. ANYTHING with lotsa COLORS on it. i'm weak. period.

3. What part of your body do you love?


see how sexy my lips are. LMAO. nah i'm just kidding. -_________-" seriously, don't take it seriously.

4. Who is your beauty icon?

MOM. the best MOM in the world!

i love her so so so much!

5. What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?


6. How do you look after your skin?

i use Johnson's body lotion with SPF in the morning
vaseline aloe body lotion at night

and before that, sometimes i like to use minyak telon nyonya meneer. actually, it's baby oil for the babies obviously to feel warm after bath. well some of my friends use it as well after bath and after i tasted the feeling of using this baby oil, bam! i'm in love! but i don't use it everyday tho. although for some ppl, the scent might be really really funny.

for face, i use:
clinique clarifying toner 2
and the rest are from my dermatologist:
face wash
gel for pimples
moisturizer with SPF
night cream

and once a week, i scrub my body and face ;)

7. What is your signature scent?

i'm in love with rush and rush 2 from gucci. usually i wear rush daily when i go out. and rush 2 for occasional events only.

8. What are your hair care secrets?

right now, i'm using herbal essence hello hydration shampoo
herbal essence break's over conditioner

and after bath, sometimes i like to use:
kerastase for reducing the hair loss. i know, ew!
Iden SilkSpray Silk Essence Hair Therapy Serum
kerastase serum oleo-relax

9. How do you pamper yourself?

just do all the body and face treatment and i'll be very very happy :D

10. What is your beauty pet peeve?

pic below.

it scares the shit outta me LOL

11. What would your desert island must haves be?

clean underwears.

and these hunky guys.


the mcdreamy, zac efron from 17 again

the sexiest man alive, chris pine from star trek

LORD HAVE MERCY! what have i done????? i'm freaking 23 y.o and still crazy about these heartthrobs???? i'm sure my cousin will laugh at my face since i always make fun of her liking zanessa LOOOOL. the joke's on me now *sob

12. Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?

Do you love me because I'm beautiful, 
or am I beautiful because you love me?

oscar hammerstein, II


the 2nd tag, from the sweet Jian.


1.Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.
2.Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3.Link back to 
original post.
4.Tag five other bloggers to show their blogspots.


super sorry for the super messy-ness of the blog.spot -_______-"
it's actually my lil bro's room and i get too comfortable in this little table and chair LOL
so i have the laptop. the things for my ongoing-but-never-finish thesis. my dad's thesis that makes me really really stressed. water. lotsa books and BIIGG dictionaries. and plastic flowers :D and misc. things.
i should move to my own room. soon. LOL

and now i tag:


and lovely glamorous beauty gave me these super lovely awards. thnx dahrling. you really made my day :)

interesting blog!

one lovely blog!

and i love your blog!

gosh, you spoiled me with these. i'm truly flattered.

now, i shall present these awards for:

and of course for the lovely glamorous beauty :D

4 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

My Monday was ok, not the best but not worst either! thanks for sharing your answers, its nice to know you better :D

Fifi said...

awww thank you for the awards!! and I think I'm gonna do the tag for the sake of having fun. hahaha

sukses yah skripsinya! :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww thanks for tagging.. i already did it hehe

love how you winged your eyes!

Ai said...

Nikki: awww it's nice to share nice things with nice ppl :)

Fifi: do do do the tag! hahahaaa.. thnx a lot! i need a miracle now hahah

Nic: Thnx, Nic! i thought i messed up the wing part lol

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