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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lovely Award!

hey, guys!

how's your day so far? mine.... boring! LOL coz i've been trying to finish my thesis before the end of the month. well, it's still on progress so maybe i'm not gonna be able to update my blog as often as now *bummer :(

i've got this lovely award from my lovely Indonesian blogger, Fifi who wants my eye-candy-calendar so bad LOL. thank you sooo much! you really made my day :)
so i pass this lovely-licious blog award to:

Nikki, who is always full of spirit and positive energy :)
Nanzy, the bestest bestfriend ever :)
Melur, the lovely writer and her informative and entertaining blog :)
Jian, and her creative mind and hands :)
Lily, who enabled me with 88 color matte palette :)

well girls, hope this award makes your day, too :D

ciao bellas!

ps: notice that i've used too many "lovely" words in this entry? -sigh- i need new vocabs! LOL

8 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

thank you so much sweetie! that is very kind of you1 *hugs*

Yet said...

congrats on your award girl!!

Jian said...

Thank you!!~ You're so lovely! =D I haven't updated in ages. *Feels bad*

Ai said...

Nikki: no, thank you Nikk! *hugs*

Yet: aaww thnx a lot, dear!

Jian: lol. yea me waiting for your updates!

melur said...

thank you so much darling, you're such a dear ;)
wait for my award yaaaaa...
btw kenapa setiap masuk blog kamu ada window yang muncul minta user name ama password twitter.com gitu yaa? huhuu

Ai said...

huhuhu aku juga ga tauuuu yuuuy.. padahal biasanya ga ada gituuuuu :(

Glamorous Beauty said...

I awarded you blog awards. Love you blog; your makeup, travel, and food posts. Congratulations.

Ai said...

aawwww thnx so much! you just made my day :)

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