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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hauls: Coastal Scents & NOTD


couple of weeks ago i ordered brushes and gel liner from Coastal Scents and couple days ago my order came! YAAAAYY~~

the small damage:

Gel Liners in True Black
Pink Round Crease Eye Brush
Italian Badger Blender

and they gave me free sample of eyeshadow in Persian Night. gorgeous green! me likeeey!

they put all the orders in a cute pink bag. oh wait, where did i put it?

Pink Round Crease Eye Brush. i like how the bristles are not too soft and not too stiff. just perfect shape!

Italian Badger Blender

Left: Pink Round Crease Eye Brush
Right: Italian Badger Blender

haven't tried both of the brushes tho. but they're pretty soft so i have high hopes for them since the blending brush that i have is a no-no and as far as i remember, i don't have a crease brush hohoho

Gel Liners in True Black. LOVE IT! too bad it doesn't come with a brush :( BOO!
yay: creamy, easy to apply, dry quickly when applied to your lid, long staying power. woo-hooooo!
nay: no brush, for me it's online shopping only >___<

free sample: shadow in Persian Night.


it's pretty pigmented and shimmery. guess it'll be much much better when applied wet.
i'll try that later.


what i used:

Mavala Velvet (for base)
OPI Atomic Orange (should-be-diagonal dots)
OPI Green-wich Village and Konad Special Nail Polish in White (flowers)

it's the second day and haven't chipped even a little. me likey! maybe i'll take the pic again in a week to see how good the nail polishes and the toap coat are.

we will see.


6 lovess:

Fifi said...

ooh your nails look pretty! I rarely do my nails. I suck at doing nails. lol

Ai said...

aaww thnx! LOL i'm just trying to do something fun. hahaa

Jian said...

I love receiving packages! I never get them though because I am bad at waiting for goods and tend to go somewhere just to get them myself!

Your nails are super adorable! I really love the orange and green~! Reminds me of candy!

Glamorous Beauty said...

Your nails are cute. I have to start adding designs to my nails.

Valz said...

Your nails of the day are just like... amazing, whoa!!

Ai said...

Jian: hahaha waiting is surely sucks but you have to feel when the waiting's over. it's heaven! LOL aaww thank you, Jian!

Glamorous Beauty: thank youuu :)

Valz: oh! thank you!!

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