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Sunday, May 31, 2009

weekend with the cousin

hey all!

the last day of weekend can be devastating, eh?
even tho me not working but i've 2 thesis to be done!
one is until the end of june, means 1 more month T____T
one is until i don't know LOL
and weekdays mean i have to seriously write my thesis huhuhuhu

so today i went to one of the malls in Jakarta called Senayan City, or to be short, Sency with the cousin
and we watched Terminator Salvation.
honestly, i've never watched any movies of terminator so i had NO idea what was i gonna watch.
but my cousin said that the movie is a blast, well no harm would be done by trying, right?
and as i expected. it was crowded! -______ gaaaaaaaaaaaah!
but we got the ticket anyway.. so yay!

since it was like 2 o'clock in the afternoon, we got really hungry we could eat ppl lol
at first we wanted to eat in Hoka Hoka Bento, a fast food Japanese resto but meeh it was full as well!
so we headed to wendy's and ate like crazy.
then in the cinema we bought ourselves popcorn and nachos LOL
yes, we are eaters! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the movie started after a looooooong looooooooong ads and movie trailers -________-"
GAWD, i'm always amused with high tech movies
and this one didn't fail me!
plus.. the sexiest man alive starring in this movie, SAM WORTHINGTON! (drooling)
the special effect is uh-may-zing! and the movie's not boring and corny
so yeap.. for me it's a YAY!

sadly, before watching, i had this biggie size of drink.
soooo........ i went to the bathroom like 2 times during the movie and lost some moments!

the robots in the movies are freaking scary.
i know, i'm easily scared as well :(

this is the ticket for cinemas in some big cities in Indonesia. it costs app. 3.5 US dollar in weekends and 2.5 US dollar in weekdays. pretty cheap, eh?

so i saw this movie trailer before terminator salvation and i'm quite curious, maybe i'll watch it later. i find that the poster looks like another "cheap" horror movies but the trailer was pretty good tho. so we'll see..

Drag Me To Hell : YAY or NAY?

3 lovess:

Nanzy said...

hahahahaha marcus the stud!!! you know how much cinema ticket costs here? $9.50!!! najis kan mahal buanget.

btw Drag Me To Hell has great reviews, but you need to see UP! lucu abis i.

Ai said...

MARRY ME, MARCUS! LOL buset! $9.5?? ........... chotto takai neee -_____-"

UP? who's playing? ttg apa bi? *pocong kamar sebelah* HAHAHAHA diulang..

Anonymous said...

up film kartun bukan ya nan?

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