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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Off to Paris!!

So yesterday I woke up early at 7 am as usual for 9 am German class. I had breakfast, I took a nice shower, I did a simple look, I prepared the books and stuffs, put on my jacket and shoes and finally headed off to the class. It was freaking cold outside I was so lazy to go to class but I did. And then.. I met 2 of my German's classmates, and they told me....

The class is cancelled

End of announcement. -______-"

That's one of the reasons I hate my school here. We have changes of schedule every week, which is totally annoying. And if something happens, we are notified one day before or sometimes even the day, which is more annoying. So we have only lil time of preparation. Okay, gotta live with that now. I should stop whining. The good thing is... I didn't have German's class! :D YAY!

And the washing machine did it again! GGRRR! I put my clothes in one of the washing machines and put the 1.50 Euro. I waited but no water came out for about 5 minutes *the water should've come out right away when you start the washing machine* It was official: The machine ate my money!! Damnit! oohh They should do something with the washing machine room since only some of the machines actually work! BOO for the machines!

And here's the FOTD I did yesterday. Maybe I should wear them everyday so my class will be cancelled everyday LOL



The Body Shop Concealer 03

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium Deep


MAC Blush in Pinch Me


MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

jW Cosmetics in Bare Necessity

MAC Ricepaper

Manhattan Bronze Effects 92T

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Black

NYX Eye Pencil in White

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Volume


Mentholatum Medicated Stick

NYX LipGloss with Mega Shine in Smokey Look

Anyway, HAPPY THURSDAY, みんなさん!

I'm off to France tonight until Monday night! :D So, have a grrreeaaattt weekend in advance, everyone!

(Maybe I'll meet my prince charming there.. Just maybe LOL)

8 lovess:

d i r a said...

viel vergnug in Paris!! ah ja du kannst eh schaffen billiger souvenir in Sacre Coeur viertel finden....;)

Fakhrur said...

hmmmm paris with this kind of weather? then i really wish you a good luck! well at least there will be less bums on the streets :p

Askmewhats said...

aawww Enjoy your trip! Who knows ? You'll be back with a French guy! heheheh Take care!

Digital Angel said...

Wooooooo France :D Good for you, I hate when it happens like that in school too, oneday there was an essay due so I woke up so early to finish and finally I got done and was in rush to get ready to school and it was cancelled =/ Have fun i Paris :)

Nanzy said...

you're so jidad lah mistaaaa! LOL jk cante' kok canteeeee (dengan nada bunpi) I like your scarf btw :D
have fun in Paris yaaa (I know you already did !! lol)
jangan lupa post Haul picssss & trip. A M U S T !

jeSmakeup said...

Have fun!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see pix =)

melur said...

aduh ati2 ditowel2 di paris iiii..cantik amat kamunya sihh! oleh2 yaaa ;p

Anonymous said...

Bonjour mademoiselle! I hope you have fun in Paris!! Love the scarf you have on too!

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