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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joppa: Chance to Win 57pc Eyeshadow Collection.. FULL SIZE!

I was checking Joppa Minerals website for new updates *I was hoping they would offer free shipping internationally hohoho* when I read (maybe, perhaps) even better offer.

With every purchase over $20 in the month of November, you will be entered to win a 57pc Eye Shadow Collection.  This set consists of 1 of every full size Eye Shadow.  A $370.50 value!  Winner will be contacted by email on December 1, 2008

Full size eyeshadows! I wonder how big will the package be and how many years they will last, maybe you can hand them over to your kids and grandchildren. LOL. Tempting. Hmmm. No. Yes? No? NO! Should saving up for something else. Okay, I'm talking to myself -__________-"

Anyone interested? Only 5 days left. So you should be HURRYYYYY! And happy shopping! :D

2 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

Girl! i just checked Joppa too hoping they offer free international shipping! LOL Great minds do think and act alike! LOL $2.00 shipping worldwide is ok :)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Thanks Ai!
I love wearing dresses, its the most comfortable clothing article in my opinion and of course I just feel so girly with it.

Ohhh... thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely try to enter, that is such a great deal!

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