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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green Fawn

i was asked to do this rather cute quiz by Citra and Dedo and i tried and i was pretty scared coz i thought that most of them are somehow true.... -_______-"

You are Green Fawn, whose expression and attitude seems slow and lacks energetic action
You are quiet and don't say much
You will not show your inner feelings to people easily. 
You have the heart of a young child, and although you may act bit selfish, you will not make enemies
You are shy and reserved, and tends to be bit like dreaming little girl. 
By depending on others you express yourself, and therefore people find it hard to hate you.
You are not very good at handling real world
You are interested in emotional and mental fields
And tend to study subjects like religion and mysterious things.
You have a tendency to be self satisfied, but you yourself do not mind that at all. 
You actually enjoy that.
You are good at fending off other people's frustration and anger
Therefore you don't get caught up in troubles, and are able to lead a quiet and peaceful life. 
You can not stand difficult situations, and will easily give things up
If you can work with those people who are gentle and kind, they can bring out your inner talent.
Once married, you will be an excellent wife who would protect her house and family.

okaaaay, so i'm shy, quiet and lack of energy LOL that isss relieving to know -_____-" it's frustrating but somehow it's true. i can't talk to new ppl easily, i tend to get quiet around new environment but once i know them, i can turn to be a loud and annoying girl HAHA! ah well. hope the last part is true tho =P i need my husband now LOOOOOL

how's yours doing? check it here

3 lovess:

Vanessa M. said...

haha cute.. i did it i was a tiger "rawr!"

CITRA cups* said...

haha kata2 pembuka na aja uda nampol berat gt deh :P

melur said...

ahhh aiii kenapa kamu selalu posting yang lucu2...? membuatku ingin ikutan, boleh yaaa? ;)))

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