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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palm Reading & EOTD: Lemon Blue

Have you ever had your palm read? I've a friend from China and he reads my palm for several time and everytime I asked him, he would go like "oh bye bye" since he said that I have a really good palm *Amin to that* My friend said that for girls, it's our right hand to be read and it's the destiny and the left hand is the reality, and for guys, it's the left hand the destiny and the right hand is the reality.

So on the way to Luxembourg I asked him to read my palm again in the train since we had nothing to do. And here's my palm in the gigantic hand LOL *note that this is just for FUN*

Health Line:

I'm not a very healthy person. I get sick easily and oh no, I don't have a very long life. Some part of it is somehow true since since I was a kid, I constantly went to a doctor with a lot of health problems. I used to have an asthma that was really really bad, I could barely breath I thought I almost died, well I still have it now but it's sooo much better compared to my childhood time. I also had a bronchitis, not really sure I still have it or not tho, hope not! And I once had a period for A MONTH! until I looked really pale I couldn't join my sport class. Not a good health history, right? But for the "I don't have a very long life" part, I hope that's not true tho.

Career Line:

I'll have a good career and Amin to that since I don't have a career yet. I'm still a student for now and to tell the truth, I don't have a clear idea about my career, still kinda blur :( So let's just hope that I WILL DEFINITELY have a good, or even great, career in, hopefully, the near future.

Success & Networking Line:

I'm gonna be success and I always have someone who will help me everytime I have a problem, so basically I have a good network. That's a relief to hear if that's the truth hohoho. Who doesn't want to be a successful person? Of course everyone wants it. And who doesn't want a little help when we're in need? That's insane. So I personally would like to thank everyone who has helped me until this time :)

Marriage Line:

I have only 1 BOYFRIEND whom I love so much and I'm gonna marry him. Whooooooa! Ok, no further comment LOL


So, I played again with my make-ups. This time I wanted to create kinda blue look but I was thinking that it might be a little heavy and weird for me if I used all blue eyeshadow so I put a little bright color. :D


What I used:

Lorac CoverUp C4
jW Cosmetics Bare Necessity
Buff'd Eyeshadow in Lemon (inner to middle lid, inner lower lash line & tear duct)
Joppa Minerals in Breathless (outer lid)
The She Space Old Smoky (outer lid)
The She Space Modified Chaos (outer V & crease, outer lower lash line)
NYX Eye Pencil in Extreme Black (lower lash line)
NYX Trio Eyeshadow in Dandy (the middle one as a highlight)
Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black
Maybelline Unstoppable Lash Extension


6 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

have a great day too! love your eye make up!! ohhh you love you bf and you're going to marry him?? Hmmm..can't wait! hahahaa

Nanzy said...

yessss Ai mau kawin, Jimmy no?


melur said...

aiiii, can u read my hand then? :D
you can! u can! right? riiiight? xD

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous eotd! The palm reading thing is very interesting. I wonder how much truth there is to it, if any at all though.

Thanks for linking! Of course I don't mind =)

Dimpul said...

menyenangkan sekali hidup mu nak? sudahkah bertemu sang pujaan hati yang akan menemanimu selamanya? cieh bahasa gwwww

Ai said...

Nikki: oohh! believe me, i can't wait myself too LOL

Nanzy: NO! hahahahaha sial lo biii.. btw, aku rindu dirimu.. berasa lama ga ngobrol deh..

Melur: wah sayangnya gw ga bisa baca yuuuy.. ntr deh gw belajar dulu yaaa hahahahaha

Wind: Well, it's just for fun tho but if it's for true, yea well i'm waiting for the good part only hohoho

Dinie: u think? yaaaaa mau ga mau harus dibawa seneng, kalo enggak gw udah gila kali din dsini.. HALAH! pujaan hatiii.. cuiiiiih!

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