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Friday, November 7, 2008

going on a hiatus, maybe perhaps

since my only problem here is the limited quota i can use for the internet each month, i need to save my precious quota for my studying-related matters first :(

so i think i need to say bye bye for a while to the blog world. but i will come back a.s.a.p when i have enough quota to upload pictures :)

ah, gonna miss blogging and the lovely bloggers for sure :(

damn quota!

8 lovess:

Vanessa M. said...

noooo! dont leave me!!! whos gna watch over fluffeey? :( im going to miss you!

Tammy said...

there's an allowance on how much time you can use..?? weird...
ryc--you are deprived there!! you need sephora and covergirl..lol

Askmewhats said...

awwww..I will miss you but hey, studies are more important, anytime you're back :) I'm here!

Dimpul said...

kok kamu gituuu

melur said...

huhuhuh here i give you mine :D
i miss your beautiful pics, aiiii! gimme gimme gimme...

myystiqueen said...

ohh aii..... quota emang nyebelin klo uda mau abis.... everything will be so damn slow to open..... *sigh*

ini bentar lagi juga mau abis sih.... >.<

be back soon...

oh and btw.... i got up at 7.45 this morning.... but i was late 15 minutes for class... lol

Dedo Nariswari said...

ohh poor you... u have to see my pictures...ill update it every week!

Ai said...

Vanessa: i'm not gonna leave you, love! i know you'll watch over fluffeey :)

Tammy: yes! limited internet connection! how great is that! and we have no Sephora here :( but at least we got Douglas, it's enough for now LOL

Nikki: aaww thanx Nikki! i'll be back soon! i got the userid and password for unlimited connection at school, so i'm crossing my fingers on that one.

Dinie: iyaa yaa.. gw mau coba yg unlimited, semoga bisa deh.. kl bisa, yaaa bisa nge blog tiap hari deeeh HAHAHA

Meyuy: pictures coming up soon LOL

Dea: yeees! bukan lamanya ngebuka siiy, tapi kalo udah abis bener2 ga bisa buka apa2 hahaha. asiiiik yg penting masuk kelaaas hahaha.

Dedo: bener yaaaa update every week? foto muka lo tiap minggu biar bisa tau perubahan hahaha

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