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Monday, November 24, 2008

Frankfurt & FOTD: Lumiere Cosmetics


As I promised before, here is the look using the foundation, bronzer, and blush from Lumiere Cosmetics.



MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

Lumiere Cosmetics Light Beige Luminesse


Lumiere Cosmetics Nude Bronzer

Lumiere Cosmetics Mauvelous


MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (for a base)

NYX Trio Eyeshadow in Dandy (left & middle for all over lid & highlighting)

Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black

NYX Eye Pencil in White (lower lash line)

Kate My Color Shadow in PK-2 (tear duct)

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Volume


Mentholatum Medicated Stick

MAC Amplified in Chatterbox

NYX LipGloss with Mega Shine in Smokey Look

Last week I went to Frankfurt with my friends, we caught the 7.38 train since it went straight to Frankfurt and it took about 2 hours from Neubrücke Station. At first we wanted to go to the zoo and walked around the old city near the zoo, and then went to Gießen and Marburg but since we only went there for a day so we didn't have enough time and ended up going to the zoo only -sigh- But it was really fun!

So we went by Regional train with this ticket

It's a weekend ticket for 35 Euro for max. 5 persons, so better get your 4 friends so it'll be much cheaper. It can be used all over Germany only in the weekend (of course) and valid for one day only.

And we took some time to take pics in front of Frankfurt Train Station. There were lotsa ppl but meh why should we care? LOL

And on the way to the centre of the city, we passed these shops.


There were so many sex shops along the way. I wanted to go in actually but somehow my deepest heart said don't LOL.

And at last! Modern buildings! Oh I will never find one in Neubrücke hahahaa.


And I had my first starbucks in Germany finally. It was hot and I don't like hot drinks so I had to share with my friends coz I didn't wanna throw it out but I enjoyed every sip of it lol.

Then we went to the zoo by subway. Actually I took a lot of pics in the zoo but somehow they're not really attractive, they're plain...... and blur -______-" I must learn hard to take pics next time. Dang!

We just realized that it was already 2 o'clock so we said bye bye to the zoo and headed off to find something to eat. And on the way back to the train station, we saw some young German guys dancing in front of the Alte Opera, I think it was their traditional dance tho but I'm not really sure, but I'm sure it wasn't a hip-hop dance.

Then we went to this Asian Restaurant near Dr. Muller (the sex shop) and it was REALLY delicious! There were only the 3 of us but we ordered for like 6 ppl LOL but I was being really smart for not taking the pics of the food -____-". We were too hungry to even remember to take pics for memories hahahaa. And we went back to Neubrücke at 6 something. Once again, tired but fun!

This week, we are going to France at last! Crossing my fingers! I'm soo exited! :D

Oh, I took this pic in the first day of snow in German from my room. At least I have something that makes me pretty happy right now, SNOW! It's freaking cold but I like watching snow falling from the sky :)

18 lovess:

CITRA cups* said...

heeeey! white eyeliner..inspired by sapaaaa? hehee..

Askmewhats said...

awwwww you are so pretty!!! :) :) :) And the shots are lovely!!! YUMmm I love starbucks too :)

Vanessa M. said...

cute cute cute fotd! and wow that loks like fun..mmmm starbuks...

Vanessa M. said...

cute cute cute fotd! and wow that loks like fun..mmmm starbuks...

Ai said...

Citra: Inspired by CITRA! hahaha

Nikki: awwww thank you so muucchoooo Nikki!! you're such a sweetheart! yeap, Starbucks are yummy! :D

Vanessa: thank you thank you thank you, Vanessa! <3

Nanzy said...

i still can't get that monkey face of yours outta my mind, nyet...hahahahhahaha

but lovely FOTDs, I need that mauvelous blush....

Dimpul said...

mbak ai...fotomu yg pertama kawai banget, kek orang asia timur deh, hehehhehehe

myystiqueen said...

woohoo.. it must be fun.... ^^

wish i can be there... and yet, i'm stuck with all of these crappy exams and essays >.<

Ai said...

Nanzy: i'll make sure you won't get the face of me monkeys from your mind MUAHAHAHAHA.. yeah, get the mauvelous blush! i'm sure it'll look puuurrffect on you!

Dimpul: alah alah hahahaha.. asiiiik trimakasih loooh

Dea: It's fuun!! udaaahh buang aja buku2nyaaa.. mari kita jalan2 disiniiiii hihihihi

d i r a said...

Kapan giliran mengunjungi Stuttgart? Haha tapi ga ada apa2 dsini mendingan ke Heidelberg...

may I link ur blog anyway? danke vielmals! :D

Fakhrur said...

bwt moto salju AWB (auto white balance) di kameranya di ganti ke mode salju atau mendung, biar ga biru bgt hasilnya *sori ya komen kurang penting hehe*

dah byk salju ya di sono? di sini br kmrn tp ga berhenti2.. hari ini salju beneran (i love snow flakes) kmrn campur es dan basah

Ai said...

Dira: mauuu banget ke Stuttgart, Heidelberg! mana aja deh asal bukan Neubrucke hahahaa.. silahkan hehe trimakasih kembali.. boleh link blog juga dooong? hehehe

Fakhrur: hahaha trimakasih atas komen kurang pentingnya.. penting banget lah buat fotografer kacangan hahahaa ntr deh gw coba lagi.. hohoho

waktu hari sabtu sih ga berenti2 gitu saljunyaa.. skrg udah sepi lagi huhuhu :( waahh mau liat doong saljunyaaa hehe

Fakhrur said...

blom smpt foto2 nih.. kalo ga, kpn2 ke sini aja hehehe

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture! It looks so peaceful and pretty; reminds me of the movie "Anastasia", even though ur not in Russia. hehe

Ai said...

Fakhrur: hehehe btw ksana tuh kmana ya? trus caranya ksana gimana? pokoknya gw harus menjauh sejauh mungkin dari Neubrucke hahaha

Wind: thanx :D I just love watching snow falling but I'm suck at taking pics LOL

Fakhrur said...

loe deket dr (frankfurt) hahn kan? bs naek ryan air ke klagenfurt (austria), dia dah deket perbatasan slovenia hehe.. dr situ ke ljubljana cm tinggal sejam

Ai said...

yaa skitar 2-3 jam ke Frankfurt.. buset itu cara nyebut kotanya gmn ya? kok ribet gitu hahahaa

jeSmakeup said...

lol look at all those monkies@ wow that german pic is soo scary lookin.. kinda reminds me of the movie silent hill. seen it before? where do u reside at? u have a cute smile! (brace face) and it looks like u have super smooth skin.. lucky =P

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