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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bonjour Paris pt.1

I'm baaaaack! Sorry it takes tooooo long to post the trip from Paris, unfortunately, right after I came back, I collapsed, couldn't even get out of the bed. I got this fever, coughing a lot til my throat and chest hurt like hell, a lil touch of asthma, this and that for a week! I went to a doctor and turned out I suffered from bronchitis. d'oh! What a pleasant surprise from Paris -______-"

Anyway, finally arrived in Paris after a loooong way of trip. We took the train from Neubrucke Station at 22.20 and had to wait in Saarbrucken Station for like 2 hours and it was FREAKING cold!! Then we took bus to Paris for about 5 hours and since it was already 01.30 we just slept all the way to Paris.

Then we had to take a subway to Place d'Italie and someone from the hostel picked us up. When I first saw the building, it looked really old and dirty but when I went inside, it was quite nice! It's true, don't judge a book by its cover hahahaa. We took a rest for a while, had a breakfast and took a nice shower (the bathroom is really really nice and cute!)

This is the view outside the Place d'Italie subway station. Quiet and cooooold!

Then we were ready for our first adventure in Pariiiiiissss!


I forgot what I put on but I didn't feel like putting too many makeups.

So, our first destination was Arc de Triomphe. It wasn't so far away from our place but oh my, it was indeed coooold, even colder from Germany >_<

I know I know I don't have an artsy piece in me but it's still good rite? rite?

Interesting story while we were in Arc de Triomphe. Just as soon as we got out of the subway station, we saw a lot of women and girls from Bosnia and they kept asking ppl whether they can speak English or not and many of them came to us. I don't know what it was all about but my friend said that they offered us to be our tour guide for the place. Well we didn't need one so we just smiled and gave a hand gesture of "thank you, I don't speak English" and this girl suddenly said "ah, BITCH"


Ah, people. We are indeed the rudest creatures God ever created. LOL

And since we came out of the house pretty late, so it was already the time for lunch. So we looked for junk food restaurant so we could eat quickly and continue the journey. 

Even after eating, I didn't feel warmer so we tried to find some place warm and found Peugeot Showroom and they had some kind of exhibition. Cool!


Theeen come my favorite part of all Paris.

I present you:

SEPHORA! LOL I know I know retarded, but this was my first sephora ever. Poor me, right? Suddenly I got this energy out of nowhere and I smiled and smiled and couldn't stop smiling LOL. I bought UD Palette and I'll show you in my maybe next next next post. Since I came there not by myself, I had to think about other ppl (well, I know if I came alone, I'd stay there like the whole day)

And we walked again around the place.


We were trying to go to Lafayette but it was kinda hard to find it and we found this Academie Nationale de Musique instead. Just took some pics tho and we kept walking and found this monument. I'm not sure what this is but it was really nice to see at night. And along the way you can see jewelry stores, and my fav Tiffany&Co! Ohh I just wish someone special will buy that one for me someday LOL.

Then we off to see Lourve Museum since it was free for ppl under 26 years old. YAY!

The famous Lourve Museum, where you can see Monalisa.

I went inside, it was REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG! You need more than 1 day if you want to see the whole museum. I just went to see Monalisa. And it was crowded I couldn't take pics of the famous picture. But it was kinda too small in the place THAT big.

Otw to the famous Monalisa. Loooooong and winding road LOL.

I was getting too tired of walking and I just went back to the entrance and just sat waiting for my friends. And since 2 of my friends were taking too long on the tour of Lourve, me and my friend decided to go back home first since it was too cold and we were too tired and we still got 2 days to enjoy Paris. Sooo, we went home and took a nice shower and took a nice rest. Our first night in Paris :D

9 lovess:

CITRA cups* said...


Fakhrur said...

i warned you about the weather :p

yup, paris is definetely not the place of friendliest people in the world.. yet, glad that you enjoyed your time

Ai said...

Citra: u know u LOVE me LOL

Fakhrur: iyaaaa, gw inget kata2 lo pas nyampe Pariiis.. sial cuaca tidak bersahabat :( well, i tried to enjoy tho!

Nanzy said...

more stories!! more stories!!
*putting on pyjamas, grabbing warm milk & sneaked under the bed*

Dimpul said...

kelen kelen kelen....atu mau kecana....

Askmewhats said...

Lucky you!! I've never seen Europe in my entire life!!! :) And I've never seen Sephora myself!! So you're definitely NOT a RETARD! :) Love all your shots, you look so pretty and happy! :)

melur said...

how could youuuuuuuu??????????

Ai said...

Nanzy: once upon a time..........

Dimpul: ayoooo sini ksiniii.. asal jangan komenin tiap cowok yg lewat aja din -______-

Nikki: LOL i thought i was the only 1 who's never seen sephora! ooohh i wanna go back there again!! Thnx, Nikki :)

Melur: what did i doooooooo?

Floresiana Yasmin Indriasti said...

when i went to paris, it was summer. so the sun still shined brightly even at 9pm!
ternyata pemandangan malam hari lebih bagus.
huahh.. *iri*

anw, salam kenal!

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