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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lumiere Cosmetics Hauls

Couple weeks ago I ordered Lumiere Cosmetics as they had Set of Sample Baggies for only $0.01 and $5.00 for the shipping cost (arigatou Nanzy-san) And around last week, it was on my mailbox YAY!

The set consists of 5 products of your choices FROM foundations, cheek colors, face & body enhancers & finishing powders. It's too bad they can't give samples for eye pigments tho because they look really pwettay :(

So I ordered Light Beige Luminesse, Nude Bronzer, Mauvelous Veena Blush, Wild Rose Veena Blush, Fresh Roses Silk Blush. In general I gotta say, me love Lumiere Cosmetics esp. the blushes! I'm really happy of what I ordered and it didn't take that long time for the shipping :D

Here's how they look in my skin.

When I first the foundation, I thought that the color is kinda too white for me and I was afraid that it would be too cake-y but when I applied on to my face, it worked pretty well :D I forgot to take pics so later I'll try to take a good pic and post it. I hope I won't be too lazy hohoho And the bronzer is just perfect, I think it can be a better foundation for my skin compared to Light Beige hehehe.

I did say it but I'm gonna say again, ME LOVE THE BLUSHES! Both Wild Rose and Fresh Roses are kinda shimmery and Mauvelous is pretty matte. When applied on to my cheeks, Wild Rose looks orange-y and I've been wanting to try summery look blushes. Fresh Roses I think is the perfect color when you want "bright" color, the color really pops. But I love Mauvelous the most :D It is an muted berry-pink infused with a touch of plum and boy, it's a best seller!

Interested in trying your choices of colors? Click here and happy shopping!!

Have a great weekend, ppl! :D

3 lovess:

Nanzy said...

waaaaw me likey da blushes.....you shd see the tubes containers, so cute!

great haul, i...will be waiting for your FOTD ^^

Askmewhats said...

ohh another great mmu deal :) thanks for sharing :)

Vanessa M. said...


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