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Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy fasting!

tomorrow is the beginning of fasting month for Moslems, or what we call Ramadhan. and usually before Ramadhan, we go to our family's cemetery to send prayers for them. so today my family and i went to my grandma's cemetery since hers is the nearest and when i prayed for her suddenly it hit me. the memories of my grandma. she used to live with my family and of course i spent most of my childhood time with her. she passed away 12 years ago when i was still in elementary school. i remember i cried so much becoz she was still with me before i went to bed a couple of hours before she left us for good. so looking at her graveyard made me miss her so bad i wanted to cry. i wish i could hug her just for one more time. one time only is all i ask. :(

i hope she's doing okay there. i know she is :) she was such a lovely person. oh grandma, i miss you so much.

btw, yesterday i went to Senayan City, 1 of the biggest mall in Jakarta, and was attempted to buy the body s
hop since they offered 10% discount if i buy 2 of the eyes' products. and there i went. i bought the liquid eyeliner and brow&liner kit.

full mirrors as you can see my reflection of taking photos hehehe

this is how it looks inside. pretty nice :D

look how tiny the eyeliner compared to my gigantic hand

oh, i heard today's news and it's really scary. a 3-year-old boy fell off from his apartment in 25th floor and stuck in 5th floor balcony O_O the news said that he was playing with his cousin when suddenly he opened the windows and fell off. it's a sad thing why nobody was there to take care of them. scary indeed.i hope no accident like that will happen again. at least in the near future. amin.

3 lovess:

Nanzy said...

nice haul !!! would love to see EOTDs using those...

did you see Aqua Lily line @ TBS?

Vanessa <3 said...

aww im so sorry about your grandma. i hardly even saw mine before she passsed...

btw nice haul

DyahAlit said...

Nanzy: i'll try ohohoho nah, coz of my stupidness, i forgot to check the aqua lily. doh!

Vanessa: thank you :) i know she's okay so i'll be okay :)

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