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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


i miss beppu. big time. i know it's only been two weeks or so.. but still, knowing the fact that i won't be coming back to beppu leave me a heartache. i know i sound pathetic or corny or something. it just hits me suddenly -sigh- maybe i'll get over it soon. i hope. somehow.

anywho, i'm trying to post swatches for my NYX round lipstick that i just bought a couple days ago. so which one suits me better, eh?

well, i, personally, like the frappucino better. it's just too natural tee-hee!

i was planning to go somewhere with my friends today, but i'm sick rite now and i can't drive coz of the dizziness that attacks me, but somehow sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing but slacking off and eye-ing for more make-ups and skin&body care is not doing good for me either. results?

i ordered 11 trial size items from Lure Beauty -_-" how nice. and i ordered sifter jars from ebay. even nicer. anyone knows where to buy cheap sifter jars with cheap shipping cost as well? i lived in japan, now i've my holiday in indonesia and later i'll go to germany for a year then maybe coming back to indonesia for good, the shipping cost has never been cheap for me, unless suddenly someone asks me to live in USA. gaaaah! i wish. i just wish. bla bla bla

11 lovess:

Nanzy said...

love love love Frapuccino on you !!!
more swatches,,, MORE !!!

Anonymous said...

setuju sama inang... yg frapuccino i bgs d hehehe

DyahAlit said...

hehehe iye ye bagus ye.. warnanya ga gincu hahahaha

more swatches? hahaha jadi mau maluuuuu ;P

Nanzy said...

hahah windy ya si anon?
nyet...Nonpareilboutique sells NYX Round Lipglosses !! omg!

iya Frap bagus i..lo kyknya bagusan muted pink drpd hot pink...I'm sure you'll like Pumpkin Pie or Perfect.

DyahAlit said...

hahaha yg manggil lo inang emg siapa lagi bi?

iya niiiy nonpareilboutique sangat tidak bagus buat keuangan! damn! hahahaha me waaaaaant -_-" i've got the pumpkin pie tho.. tee-hee!

Nanzy said...

YAY !!! liat dong pumpkin pie nyaaaaa

MisSmall said...

Frapuccino, definitely. :)

DyahAlit said...

nanzy: hehehe okay i'll try to make good swatches hihihi

missmall: yea i love it as well :)

Nic Nic said...

Thanks for comment my blog!!

I think both colors actually look good on you! You're so lucky to have NYX store by you!

DyahAlit said...

oh thank you! yea me lucky but not my wallet lol

Dimpul said...

frapuccino bagus mbak iyah. Btw yg satunya juga bagus, kulitlo putih sih, jadi matching2 aja. ehehehhehehe

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