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Friday, September 5, 2008

Hauls: Because I'm The Princess

these days my mind is occupied with the preparation for Germany. phew, less than a month i'll be in Germany. actually i want to send 1 package over to Germany since i don't want to carry a very big and heavy baggage. not to mention hand-carry bag. the hands will be sooo busy lol

all the documents that i have to fill. tsk tsk too many papers. my brain is not functioning!

okay onto the great stuffs!

my package from Because I'm The Princess arrived today! YAY-NESS! i was too happy that i couldn't stop smiling for almost an hour and i told my cousins and friends who were online! ha! it came in a pretty little box but a lil broken on the edge. but what the heck! it's the inside what's important. woo-hoooooooo!


it has the sleeping beauty sticker on it. so cute <3

what's inside. i was too excited! and as soon as i opened the package, i could smell the sweetness of the cake from it! sooo.. yummy!

a letter from Kelly. awwww she's such a sweetheart. thnx sooooo much, Kelly!

these are what i got from the package. can't wait to try them all. i sniffed all of them tho' LOL and you gotta love 'em all. *sniff sniff* smells too good *giggles*

what i ordered:

1. Sample Size Me Sets:
- Royal Body Butta'- in Ms. Marshmallow Goes Tropical
- Royal Satin & Silk Lotion in Sweet Satisfaction
- Aloe Silk Body Mist in Pink Jasmine
- Roll-On in Summer Lovin' for only 1.99USD

it came in a mini cute flowery pink bag. i'm not a big fan of pink but this one's i gotta admit soo cute!

and this is the inside --> ta-da!

2. 3 Pack Trial Size Royally Whipped Sugar Scrub:
- Pink'd Rockstar
- Birthday Cake
- Caribbean Calypso

i LOOOOOOOOOVE the smell. well, who doesn't love BITP and Kelly?

3. Mini Vial:
- Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies
- Cloud 9
- French Crumb Cake

you don't have to open the mini bottle to actually be able to smell it. oh, have i mentioned that i LOVE it?

and the freebies. Kelly gave me Roll-On in Pink Cashmere and 2 sweets. isn't she a sweety? :)

i'm sooooo gonna order again from BITP as soon as i finish my 1st order. and when i say soon, it can be REALLY soon. mwahahahahahaha. oh, i can hear something's crying. oh! it's the wallet. hohohoho.

and i'm still waiting for my 2nd order from Lure Beauty to arrive! *crossing my fingers*

5 lovess:

Nanzy said...


really jealous of your haulage, woman!
I'm dying to hear your reviews on the scents coz I, too, am gonna make another order SOON.

so get going! sniff and come back to me!

Nanzy said...

btw...this is why Kelly's been out of reach lately & made many cranky customer cry for her time:

She's been putting together all your order !!!!!!!!


melur said...

i can smell it from here ;)))

Nic Nic said...

nice haul! the packaging looks really cute!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

wow the package looks so cute! the name of the store is cute too - reminds me of the names OPI has for some of its polishes :)

i added you to my links too!

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