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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i'm in my deepest shit -sigh-

oh well. once in a while ppl do have their shittest moment, rite?

anywho, despite my shittest moment, i've got another shittest thing rite now. NYX is now open in JAKARTA. uh oh NOT A GOOD sign for me -another sigh-. yesterday, i went to the NYX store in EX with my bestfriend, mita. and i went crazy over there. i couldn't stop staring at those lippies and trio eyeshadow *slurp!* not to mention the round lipstick sold there are the ones that i don't own! my my, the store was made only for me LOL like i told my beauty guru, nanzy.

well mita reminded me to buy things that suit for me. the nude ones. muahahaha she doesn't know that i have non-nude make-ups. ah well. i ended up buying these things.

i got:
trio eyeshadow in dandy
round lipstick in frappucino and gem
eye pencil in baby blue

me lovey lovey <3>
my first MAC fix+ but because of my stupidity, i broke the tube. now it can't be closed properly. AND because of my another curiosity, or in other words STUPIDITY, it became like this

i haven't even used it and i dropped it until it was HALF EMPTY. S-T-U-P-I-D! i wasted my money for HALF fix+ -_-"

what is WRONG with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

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Nanzy said...

oh k so that's officially your first makeup disaster. WELCOME TO THE CLUB! heheheh

it's ok...my friend dropped her brand new Everyday Minerals lipscrub on the floor and she lost everything.

now that's tearing blood

Anonymous said...

dung2 deh kmu...,tmph stngh botol...,well, tngnnya loyo ya? hueheeeee

DyahAlit said...

nanzy: hahahaha kyknya gw udah terlalu banyak make up disaster deh.. tp ga ketauan aja.. but on the bright side, well at least i still got HALF of it :)

dinie: lumayan deh.. kyknya gw lagi mabok deh pas megang..makanya lgsg tumpah..duh jadi mau nangis

Anonymous said...

hahaha nasib ye i... gpp i msh lbh dr setengah kok keliatannya hehehe.

disini juga ada kok nyx... di guardian seiprit itu juga kaga disemua guardian hehehe. kaga penting kan nih comment gue hahaha

DyahAlit said...

hahaha penting kok ciii.. ya udah lo beli deh NYX yg seiprit coba dah.. btw, blushnya udah dicoba blm ci? pasti belom..

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