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Saturday, August 2, 2008

byebye beppu

1. cancel health insurance - DONE
2. close bank accounts - DONE
3. oita house --> report for moving out - DONE
4. mom's+bro's+dad's - DONE
5. send boxes to jakarta+germany - DONE
6. the real move out - DONE

..the final..

went back to indonesia - TOTALLY DONE

i'm in jakarta right now. slacking off in my room. got nothing to do *ehem masih banyak report sih hahaha*

how do i feel?

nothing. i'm too sad to be able to feel anything now. seriously. i'm too sad. i've got lotsa pics to be uploaded here but not now kekekeke.

random update, i want iphone. so bad. oh well.

1 lovess:

Dimpul said...

well life goes on mbak..

hehehhehe, tenang saja, aku bersedia membantumu apapun yg kau butuhkan, kecupan? kasih sayang?? i give it to u for free, wakakkaka.. Kecuali masalah iphone itu. Aing ga bisa beri..hoohoho

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