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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i'm a girl who's never allowed to go out after 3. i know i know, i'm already 23 y.o but i feel like cinderella, only worse without the midnight time and my own prince charming -sigh- that's why i loooooove japan. coz i got full freedom LOL anyway, i asked permission today for staying out late coz i wanted to see my campus mates performing japan traditional culture in a campus near my house *woo-hoooo fre-e-dooooom!* but then again, suddenly my mom called at 7 o clock. and i didn't watch the performance coz it started at 6.45 and i had to go back home ASAP.

ah there goes my freedom

i watched wall-e today and i gotta say. it's totally Cute with capital C. oh no it's simply CUTE! i love how they made less-talking movie so understandable. i laughed at ever single thing that wall-e did. and i wanna squeeze so bad! unfortunately, i missed the first 30 minutes coz i came late :( the point is I'M IN LOVE WITH WALL-E <3>

and here's what i did today for my make-up

what i used:

FACE: Lorac Concealer

CHEEK: Joppa Raspberry Ice

EYES: Bare Necessity
         Classy Minerals Bright Eyed
         The SheSpace Pushing Daisies
         NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Horse Raddish
         Kate Super Sharp Liner in Black
         Lancome Mascara Hypnose

LIPS: Urban Decay Blow Lip Plumper
        NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose

btw, Nanzy asked me to take pic of my doodlebug body mousse. uuuhhh i love the color. it's green. and i'm addicted to green. tee-hee!

4 lovess:

Nanzy said...

WooooW ! your eyes just POP ! bagus warnanya... : )

makasih ye moussenya, the lexture looks so smooth & whipped.

hmmmmm lemming....

Menoedh said...

nyet..jangan pasang foto yang large..ya olo..gue pikir ada dedemit nongol di IE gue..hahahaha...

Ih, tukan! Nonton ama siapa lagi kamyu!? Sama Lee lagi!?

duh, Ken, akhirnya dirimu sadar juga kalo lo itu cinderella kesiangan.ckckck..kasian...ckckck..*geleng-geleng*

DyahAlit said...

Nanzy: trimakasih dan sama2 bibi hihihi enak banget emg body moussenyaa.. bener2 light we-hee!

Menoedh: monyooong begini cantik dibilang dedemit. ga sopan! bukan2 gw nonton sm tmen kuliah gw boo krn gw tau lo bakal ngambek kl gw nonton sm lee hahahahaha

Vanessa <3 said...

yummy yummy

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