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Friday, August 29, 2008


again, i'm not allowed to go out today even just to see my friends. seriously, just lock me in a cage and give me food&drink every once in a while. that way, i won't be going anywhere.


i hope. period.

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Menoedh said...

Ken..sabar ya...I'll pray for your soul once you get in the cage and fed everyday :P

cheer up girl! Makes you wanna go to germany a lil bit soon, huh?

Dimpul said...

sabarrrr buuuuuuuuu

Nanzy said...

mau pisang apa kacang?


nyebelin ga gue? hehe

sabar ya i, dimana2 emang ortu suka terlalu kuatir...gue aja kalo lagi mangkal di T.L suka ditelpon suruh pulang, cucian kering katanya.

ngenes kan?

DyahAlit said...

huhuhu trimakasih yah kawan2 dan sepupu! i'll try to be sabar :)

hmm pisang aja deh bi, kacang bikin jerawatan.. lo disuruh pulang sama nyokap ato majikan? BWAHAHAHAHA

Nanzy said...

NYO..eh, majikan.

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