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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lure beauty is a total beauty

it's been a week i suppose since my package from Lure Beauty arrived and i'm sooooo loving them sooo mucho mucho! the smell and the little tiny package :D and i've been using the kulu bay body scrub like there's no tomorrow! ha!

The scents that I got:
- Luxurious Body Sugar Scrub in Kulu Bay (no pic, its in my bathroom :D)

- Body Mousse in Doodlebug (the smell is soooo cute i feel like licking my hands O_O)
- Shea Butter Light Cream in Europhia by Calvin Klein Type (expensive smell woo-hoo!)
- Shea Butter Light Cream in Jelly Belly Pink Lemonade (i heard that it's one of the most famous fragrances in LB and no wonder why coz it's my favorite, too! it's sooo
o...... ice cream)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Light Blue Type (i just read again the descriptions and it has musk, purrfect!)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Kama Sutra Aphrodisiac (haven't tried it yet but the smell is pretty fresh)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Rootbeer (can't say no more, it's sooooo..rootbeer LOL and i'm loving the smell so much!)

- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Summer Hill Type (at first i didn't like the smell that much but when applied to my skin, ohmygod, just love it! and its shimmery! great for party i guess)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Lick Me All Over (haven't tried it, too but i know i'm sooo gonna love it so much. sweeeeet!)
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Bobbi Brown Beach (it's not really my type so i just gave it to my friend and her mom loves it so much, so i ordered again for me and my friend and she ordered 2 Bobbi Brown Beach)

and i got freebies as well:
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Noel Type
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Yuzu
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Calalily Hawaiian
- Exotic Butters Body Cream in Black Raspberry and Vanilla Type
- Day Cover by Skin Biology

but i was so shocked that Lure Beauty is thinking about stopping their international shipping :( i understand that some ppl couldnt wait so long for their packages to arrive (yeap, we're talking about LURE BEAUTY, ppl! who could resist?) but they don't have to use nasty words, eh? oohh i'm so praying right now that they won't stop it coz im in love with their products :( but anyway, thnx so much, Jen! now i'm waiting for the 2nd package patiently ;)

3 lovess:

Menoedh said...

Ken, I think you got a disease..a serious one.. sumpah yaaaa?? kenapa lo jadi banci produk seeeeh???

tapi kalo ada yang bagus dan murah tetep update ke gue yaaaa....hehehe

Nanzy said...

woo hooooo ! which one's your fav?
I just tried my Body Yogurt from Earthen Treasure and OMG! OMG! OMG!
I wanna marry it !

nice haul, i...mau liat dong body mousse nya kyk apa...

DyahAlit said...

Minut: hahahahaha! biarin ah selama masih belom dilarang :P lagian baunya enak2 loooh.. trus dibanding body shop masih lebih murah.. yuuuuk..

Nanzy: totally woo-hooooo! i'd say that doodlebug body mousse is the most fav of all.. really suits for hot weather like indonesia, am i rite?

and you've got REALLY NICE BIG HAULS ya bi..me want as well hehehe ok nanti gw foto deh body mousse nya..

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