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Friday, August 15, 2008

why so serious?

i watched THE DARK KNIGHT again for the second time. and i couldn't take my eyes off of joker... and JIM GORDON lol and every
time i saw joker, he gave me goosebumps somehow, maybe because of the fact that he died because of 'joker'. i dunno.. it's kinda scary..

i watched it with my good friend from high school since it's been months we haven't seen each other. so yeah, catch up the good moments but i forgot to take pictures! how smart -_-" and i also met with my high school friend because she asked me to bring her eyedrop from Japan. again, catch up good moments from high school. but however, i didn't forget to took MY pic! ha!

okay, seriously. i need to cut my bangs, or what the Japanese call mae gami.. one month left until i fly to Germany.. phew i can't think properly. haven't prepared anything yet.. time does fly fast, eh? i wish time would stop just for a moment. a moment for me enough to make everything right, just like the way it was -sigh- oh dear GOD..

i'm sorry. i really am sorry. i have NO idea it would turn out like this :( goodnessme

5 lovess:

Nic Nic said...

cute last pic! I loved the Dark Knight, it's definitely the best batman movie EVER lol.

i have been to Harajuku before, but not checked it out thoroughly. Ive been to Uniqlo too, they have it in UK as well. I went to Ginza to check out their exclusive Uniqlo shop, i was a bit disappointed, only bought a sleeping camisole - it was very cheap though!!

DyahAlit said...

uniqlo can be very very crazy when they give discount. thats why i love it lol and i heard they use the same materials as nudie jeans for the jeans with much much cheaper price!

Nanzy said...

love your Joppa blush, mah babehhhhh! :D

I miss Uniqlo T_T I miss my cheap-o 'Wife-beater' shirt I bought from them LOL

Dimpul said...

ihihihihihii, itu bagus mbak matanya. Bukan smokey ya? btw pas kondangan kemaren temen2 gw komennya bagus sama makeup hasil karya lo kata mereka " kulitlo kaya di tanning din, muka lo jadi segeran, matanya bagus"

cuman ada satu kritikan "itu eyelinernya ketebelan" huhehehehheheh

DyahAlit said...

nanzy: thank you! mwah mwah! oh well yea i do miss uniqlo. no i miss beppu... oh damnit!

dinie: hahaha asik! ahay! bukan ini bkn smokey.. ketebelan ya? ihihihihi maapkan loooooh..nanti diperbaiki..trimakasih atas kritik dan saran *halah

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