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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

[you know you've been in japan too long when]

...you answer "hai!" even when speaking English to non-Japanese friends.

..."Ohio" no longer means the state.

...you can name all the members of SMAP.

...your noodle slurping can rattle the windows next door.

...you can fall asleep on the train and wake up at your stop.

...you know your birthdate by the Japanese imperial calendar.

...you can't remember saying 6 bucks was too much to see a movie.

...you can recognize your stop when the train announcer says it.

...you can recognize anything besides your stop when the train announcer says it.

...you walk into a room with chairs and choose to sit on the floor.

...you believe no party is complete without a trip to the karaoke box.

...you answer the phone and freeze in indecision between saying "hello" or "moshi moshi."

...you choose "moshi moshi."

...you mutter "yoshi!" when lifting heavy objects.

...at 5'4"....you feel tall!

...you can buy a train ticket anywhere in under 30 seconds.

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