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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

\ addicted to \

You might be addicted to Mafia Boss when:

1. You wake up sweating from a nightmare and all you can remember from it is that your defeenses got wiped out and they stole your planes.

2. You measure how long you slept by how many turns you have accumulated

3. Your signifigant other hates the game, not because of the game but because you only have one computer and they cn't play.

4. You run back to your office after a meeting and cuss out your boss because he made you miss that $45million attack and now that mafioso has defenses again.

5. You check your family board every time a message pops up but can't remember the last time you checked your email.

6. You know the allies and enemies of other families without having to double check.

7. You have asked Ringmistress out, fully knowing she is 1000 miles from you. (So when ya gonna come see me Mistress?)

8. You can judge accurately how much money a supporter has spent by how many operatives he/she has.

9. You miss a free movie with friends because your family is at war and youre worried you might get attacked.

10. You completely understand the algorithms involved in the game and can accurately predict the outcome of an attack before you commit to it.

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