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Saturday, February 25, 2006

[ firsts and lasts ]


1. First real best friends: ratih, putty, and ilma.
2. First school: tk yasporbi.
3. First screenname: pank_ponk84cool.
4. First cell phone: the old erricson.
5. First funeral: my grandma.
6. My First pet: rabbits.
7. First big trip: tokyo when i was 8 years old i guess.
8. First flight: forgot. hehehehe.
9. First celebrity love: vincent a larusso. love him so much!
10. First job: translator [well not professional tho']
11. First Friendster friend: Rae.


1. Last person you hugged: my dad.
2. Last song you heard: ace young - father figure.
3. Last car ride: wow! long time ago.
4. Last time you cried: weeks ago when i watched 1 litre of tears. that title is something.
5. Last movie you watched: pretty cool.
6. Last food you ate: yogurt strawberry.
7. Last person of the opposite sex that you talked to: my annoying lil bro.
8. Last item bought: train ticket. yesterday.
9. Last shirt worn: white t'shirt i'm wearing.
10. Last phone call: my dad. hours ago.
11. Last text message: wumzie. miss you much!!
12. Last thing you touched: keypads.
13. Last Funeral: my grandma.
14. Last time at the mall : funny. really don't remember.
15. Last time you were excited about something: last night.
16. Last person you saw: my mom.
17. Last thing you typed: . [dot. LOL]
18. Last Person that broke your heart: hmmmm. last guy that made me cry.
19. Last time you've been happy: last night when i found out that david's still on american idol. =D
20. Last Kiss: how about first kiss? hehehehehe.

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