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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

~ graduation ~

what is the most interesting about graduation party? is it the "atmosphere" of togetherness? or is it because of food? maybe yes. maybe no. we just had graduation party for seniors in Spa Beach Matogahama Koen. well it was not just about graduation but also farewell party for exchange students [in spite of the fact that none of them was there, oh there was one person, wim, and actually he is not an exchange student] and for APUIna's website launching. and for giving the "Sayembara Logo" winner the presents as well.

we really had a great time. or at least i had great time. especially for the games. ah well even though we didn't win but it doesn't matter, does it? give a big applause for ima and erlyn. and there was FOOD! ah everyone's favourite. undoubtedly oishikatta! of course! coz it was from Bu Lita. thank you soo much Bu Lita. actually thank you very very much guys for coming today. we had good time, didn't we? and then... we went to karaoke. that was something. hehehehehehehe in short once again. i had fun. after the crazy exams week. woo hoo. and it's time to go home. go back meeting my parents. and my lil brother. really really miss them lots. just few more days. hehehehehehehe.

yesterday inan. mitata. windy. and me watched youtube.com. the next of american idol. LOL. it reallt tickled me. and i wonder. some twins participated. and most of them [maybe all] got really nice voices. lucky for them they both got it. just bring it on, guys. hehehehehehehe. actually i need to get some action to clean up my room but i'm still too lazy. maybe tomorrow i'll start it. maybe just maybe. well guys i gtg now. gotta check this dvd i borrowed from my friend. hehehehehe corpse bride. go on laugh but i don't give a damn. hehehehehe. cya~~~!

2 lovess:

Yohanes said...

I've got used to the Quiditch things T_T khekekeke ;p
And now I'm ready to play against u, and beat u of course ;p

a i b e B i H said...

weits! jangan salah.. gw dah di tokyo.. hahahaha jadiiii baru bisa 2 bulan lagih! awas! siap2.. aheuaheuaheuaheau

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