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Monday, February 13, 2006

| music of my heart |

in my life i know i'll never be alone coz i've got my friends. i've got someone. i know for always someone's watching over me. and you've got a friend in me. for good times and bad times. when you laugh, i'll laugh with you. when you're feeling down, you can cry on my shoulder. because you are my truly friend. i cherish every moment, every second i spend with you. hari-hari bersamamu is anugrah terindah yang pernah kumiliki. i'll treasure everything about you. i'll draw picture of you inside my mind. when you need me, i'll be there for i know when i need you, you'll do the same. remember the times when we struggle with school, when we struggle against our own ego. we did, right? because we are the world's greatest. they say when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. is that true? i know your dreams come true when you believe. we have unforgetable moments, undescribable story of our lives. we laugh, we cry, we sing, we do everything together. i won't forget all these moments so ingatlah hari ini. the days we have now because there is no turning back, i believe. our future awaits us. it won't be long til our graduation day and when that time comes, just don't say goodbye as you know it's not the end. it is just the beginning, a whole new beginning for us. everything will be different then. but there is one thing will still remain, kimi wa tomodachi. that won't change. i'll be there for you just the same as the present. remember me this way, the way i remember just the way you are. you are my friend.

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