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Friday, February 10, 2006


this time i shall introduce my valuable vegetables to you. just call us 'fresh friday'. i don't know when and how we got this name but surely i luv it and unquestionably i luv them all.

juni a.k.a lou is the fairiest of all. lol. she has fair skin that's why we call her lou from lobak or turnip in english. she's calm even sometimes can be retarded, too. wanna please her? WoW is an excellent option. her sleepy attitude during the class can tickles you.

menoedh's a.k.a tom's face can turn red when she feel embarrassed thus we call her tomato. she's tough yet sensitive. can't say no to linkin park, n sync, and anime especially kenshin and fruit basket. don't be surprise when she sends you an sms but actually it's not for you. that's her.

irma a.k.a lee will make you laugh with her 'one-sided' things that she does. maybe she's the craziest among us but also the most creative vegetable i've ever known in my whole life. she's the one who got an idea to earn money.

simply call them splendid. wonderful. terrific. i truly will cherish them. my amazing vegetables.

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