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Thursday, February 16, 2006

. start dancing and you'll smile .

i finished watching 3 dorama in a week i guess [kimi wa petto. 1 litre of tears. hana yori dango]. and i noticed from the 3 of them, someone gives cellphone. in kimi wa petto, the master gives the "dog" cellphone. in 1 litre of tears, the mother gives her daughter. and in hana yori dango, domyouji gives makino cellphone. that's the result when you got nothing to do. totally bored. no one to play to.
btw i know how it feels to be in american idol with simon, paula, and randy for the judges and go to the next round. i got this "accident" yesterday. i thought i lost my passport. for me ryuugakusei, it is the most daijina mono of course. i searched everywhere but it was nowhere to found. then at night i prayed and i prayed and i prayed but still no clue. the next morning i didn't give up. i searched in my parents' room and searched and searched and i found it! I WAS SO GLAD. thank GOD i found it. then i felt like "wow. the judges like me." lol. okay it's just me being hiperbola but i don't care. i'm still happy til now.
these days i don't know why but i like watching pinoy idol in youtube. hahahahaha guess i need something "new" now. well i do still like watching american idol tho'. right now i really feel like going to campus and studying. i need to use my brain properly. lol. what should i do anyway? du du du du du du la la la la la la.

. come on it's party time start dancing and you'll smile .

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