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Monday, February 6, 2006

. tokyo .

it's holiday time and holiday time equals to diet time. LOL. my mom really supports me. hahahahaha i know i know. i should've done it long time ago. but i dunno why i think i must do it properly this time [blushing]. hope i REALLY do it tho'.

oh yeah before i went back to tokyo my friends and i went to karaoke [again] but this time was girls' night out! yay! only me. inan. windy. and arum. then elbebih called me. she was with vidya rama dana. 2 hours of singing [oh no. don't think about my voice. it's horrible.] was enough for me. so vidya rama and i decided to go home early whilst arum inan elbebih dana continued. windy had already gone home because she was still had long trip to take. hehehehehe. before went straight home, we went to Boo rental to return dvds that we [mitata. arum. inan. me] borrowed. and they charged me 3000 yen for late returning. d'oh! bimbo ni natta ne! hehehehehe. then the 3 of us [vidya rama me] went to my home for little chat and chocolate royce. actually it wasn't chat but more like made fun of something. hehehehehe. not gonna say it here. will be offense for some people.

the next morning, i had to get up early to catch a bus to oita airport. but still i was late for about 5 minutes coz i saw the bus running in front of my face. damn! then i have to wait for about 30 minutes. huhuhuhuhu so damn cold. i received an email from inan. she said something about someone. okay i was embarrased. still wished what she said was true. HAHAHAHAHAHA [blushing] what am i talking about anyway?? and now i'm sitting here. feeling happy for holiday yet anxious since i still haven't got my newest grades. hope i'm doing good this time. at least better than before.

oh my GOD i'm already missing my friends [and someone hohoho]. still long time to spend before school starts. huhuhuhuhuhu. oh well gonna enjoy myself here. yosh! ganbare for the holiday! new semester new me! arum. mitata. GANBAREEEE! LOL. hehehehehehehe.

2 lovess:

Yohanes said...

Gua juga mo diet ah.
Diet ujiannnnnnnn !!!!!

a i b e B i H said...

mari berdiet.. aheuahuehauehau

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