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Saturday, September 6, 2008


tips for dinner in restaurants or food courts in jakarta when Ramadhan:

1. reserve the seats,

or, if you can't reserve

2. stand by for at least 2 hours before fasting-break time

to be able to get seats

during these times ppl tend to be craziiiiieeerrr and they fight for seats. seriously. that happened to me last year when i went to food court in 1 of the malls in jakarta. the fasting-break time was about at 6 o'clock. so around 5.30 my friends and 1 walked around the food court to get seats. results?

ZERO. NADA. ZENZEN NAI. no more available seats. ppl saved seats for their relatives. family. friends. you name it. then we went to sushi tei japanese restaurants. still. all seats are full. all seats are reserved. so i learned my lesson this time.

so me, brother, cousins, friends planned to break fast together in food court in Senayan City. and my brother&i got there @ 4 c'clock! we're indeed smart muahahahaha. there were available seats! then we saved some for the friends and cousins. and yes! we were indeed smart because, again, around 5.30 there were too many ppl. whenever they saw empty seats, they'd run before others got 'em first. and many ppl 'spied' on us and the seats in hope we'd get out of there as soon as possible. gah! but since we're nice, after we finished eating, we stood up and yes, as soon as we stood up, there was this family instantly sat on our seats.

meh! i enjoyed the gathering. so ppl, enjoy the seats anyway! and learn the lessons next time. life is tough, peeps! LOL and i bought concealer from The Body Shop today. will show the pics tomorrow i guess. for now, nighty night!

5 lovess:

Nanzy said...

meh, sounds like Jakarta people :(
I hate fighting for seats...

melur said...

ooh. so you like sushi tei! my brother despises it -__-""

we have to go! we have to go!!!!! i'll pin down my butt 2 hours before ;))

DyahAlit said...

Nanzy: yes, jakarta ppl are GANAS LOL

Meyuy: ayoooo yuuuuy kita ke sushi tei!!

farrah said...

lol 2 hours? lucky we don't have that much of a problem finding a spot for buka in Sg heehee

DyahAlit said...

farrah: yes, lucky you. there are TOO many ppl in jakarta -sigh-

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