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Thursday, September 25, 2008

here i come, Germany

been busy preparing stuffs for Germany and today's the day. my flight is at 2 PM to Singapore then 11 something PM to Germany. okay, what should i do to kill time? i have no idea.

new place. new life. new people. i MUST be ready! wish me luck everyone.

*crossing my fingers*

8 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

enjoy and take care!

Fakhrur said...

you got more than enough time to see how hectic singapore is on preparing the F1 race..

hehe sori numpang lewat, und gute Reise!

Ai said...

Nikki: thnx a lot! :)

Fakhrur: oh yeah totally forgot about the F1 race. guess i'll be doomed wandering around there LOL thnx for numpang lewat hahaha

Nanzy said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaai Hitler !!!
jangan lupa ikutan Germany's Next Top Model ya i...


Ai said...

enggak ah bi, takut menang.. kasian yg laen LOL LOL

..febyriz.. said...

Ai, enjoy the flight ya dear!
Berapa jam tuh dari Sing ke German?
Udahhh kamu jalan2 aja duluuu ke Orchard, nanti ketemu aku deh! hehehe..

melur said...

lah tiba2 ada si eksis fakhrurpedia -___-"""

aiiiii jahatnyaaa ga bilang2 dr kmrn.. aku kan lagi di siiiingapuuuur huhuhuhuhuhu ;(((
*goodluck honey! i'm more than sure that you can do everything u desire* smooches!

Irma Fauzia said...

Ken, how's Germany? Jangan kbanyakan ngebir di october fest ya...hehe =p

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