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Friday, September 26, 2008

and here i am...

in a little city called Birkenfeld in Germany after a looooooooong journey that hurt my butt!

wanna know the awesome-est part of this pain-in-the-ass journey?

i LOST my only luggage! with my clothes, MAKE-UPS, and LOTSA MONEY on it T_T i'm totally doomed.

hope i'll get my luggage ASAP while i'm trying to survive in the city with nothing to do. oh wish me luck. i really need one so much right now :( and i haven't eaten all day coz i'm too tired to feel hungry and besides, nothing to eat. i'm still settling down. good things i have friends that helped me here.

i need my family. so bad. i'm gonna get throught this! my luggage, WHERE ARE THY??????

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Nanzy said...

omg, what happened??? kok bisa i, ilang dimana? gimana ceritanya??? tell me mooooore!!! that's such a horrible news....hang in there yah, i'm online all day so come if you wanna talk k?

Askmewhats said...

sorry about the LOST luggage, i hope they find it soon!!! take care and hoping to hear more from you!

Nanzy said...

where are youuuuu?

Ai said...

Nanzy: nyangkut dmana kali bi..blm ada kabar lg dr airportnya huhu crossing my fingers! makasih yah bi, doakan cepet ktemu..

Nikki: thank you, Nikki! yeah i do hope they'll find it soon coz most of my stuffs are there T_T

Nanzy said...

duh i gue doain mudah2an cepet ketemu ya...apa aja didalem situ? ada uang segala? berapa koper yg ilang?

Ai said...

makasih yah bi AMIN cepet ktemu.. ada uang lagi, bego ya gw naro dsitu sumpah! yg ilang sih 1 tp itu koper gedenya yg masuk bagasi T_T

Nanzy said...

lo pake airline apa sih i, kok bisa ilang?

Anonymous said...

semoga cepet dtg i kopernya!!!

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

omg>! wtf? like you lost it somewhere random>? or like a statin? so sorry babe! omg anything i can do?
ps hex yea germany!

Menoedh said...

OMG ..ken san!!! what happened?? eh udah dijawab ya?

semoga cepat balik ya luggage nya..duh, gue juga pasti panik banget kalo kaya lo.

hii..lo ngga mandi-mandi dong? =D

kasih kabar ya cintaaaa

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