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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

finally ARRIVED!

after waiting for a pretty looooooooong time, my order from LB finally arrived! although i had to pick it up at the post office and paid for the tax *it was about 0.5USD tho*, it was worth it! all my babies are finally with me <3>

sooooo i present you, the oh-my-GAWD-i-have-to-order-it-again LURE BEAUTY

ta-daa! the whole damage!

so, this time i ordered:
Luxurious Body Sugar Scrub in Bird of Paradise Type and Suntan Scent

Exotic Butters Body Cream in Blackberry Fizz and Doodlebug
Shea Butter Light Body Cream in Lemon Grass, Kiwi & Cassis
Body Mousse in Lick Me All Over

Glycerin Soapy Sugar Scrub in Sandalwood
Exotic Butters Body Cream in Tuscan Lace
Shea Butter Light Body Cream in Sage&Citrus
Sheamu Lotion in Coconut Lime Verbana Type
Mango Butter Lotion in Avocado by Crabtree & Evelyn Type

Shea Butter Light Cream in Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Sex on the Beach, Jasmine & Green Tea Type, Baby Bee Buttermilk
Exotic Butter Body Cream in Bobbi Brown Beach, Amazing Grace Type, Summer Hill Type, Baby Clean, Nantucket Briar Type

oh this is HEAVEN on EARTH! i really LOVE the scents and i can't wait to try 'em all but i think am gonna save it til Germany wooo-hooo. so i'll smell hell uh-maaaay-zing every single day LOL

really really thnx Jen! :D

and i also bought the 3-step system Clinique. i know there are lotsa complaints about the products but i'm thinking of trying it. those are extremely expensive so i'm crossing my fingers now! hope they'll work on me. well, i've been using it for 3 days now and nothing really bad happened. still crossing my fingers! and i bought the Derma White Super City Block SPF 40. gosh i do really hope they'll work for me.

and as you can see, i bought Johnson's Baby Oil and until now i love how it can remove the eye make-up without hurting my eyes. it's really oily tho (d'OH! LOL) well as long as it works for me. see how many times i typed "works for me" coz i'm new in using them all, oh well except my LURE BEAUTY hohohoho

now onto the ramblings time!

i don't really know what is on ppl's mind when they torture animals! they are FREAKING FREAK! in Indonesia, there are cases where ppl put water onto cows' stomach until they're bloated *i know, weird English but i hope you do understand LOL* and died! and then sell the meat in the market and eventually the ppl themselves who will suffer because of the meat. well not only cows but also chickens! they are indeed NO brains! i loath them from the bottom of my heart.

and i got news from Nanzy that in China lotsa animals are skinned ALIVE! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING?!! wait, oh yeah you have NO brain! Nanzy gave me the link of the video of how the animals are skinned but NO, i am not gonna watch them. even in a million years. sob sob. T_T so here's the link in case any of you is interested in watching the video. BUT Nanzy warned me that this is beyoooooooooooooond our wildest imagination of cruelty on animals.


and for those torturing these animals, may GOD forgive you. AMIN!

7 lovess:

Nanzy said...

Lemongrass, Kiwi & Cassis sounds sooooooo summery! Let me know how that smells like k?

I haven't heard from you for 2 days so let's just assumed you mistakenly click that goddamn link to the vid and watched them.


kmana aja nyet?

melur said...

how cruel... they are skinned ALIVE? i hope whoever did those things, burn in hell!!! *ehm hem sorry* but i just cant stand it... ;((((((((

* i pledged to go fur-free anyway * :D

Tammy said...

Great haul!!!
I read on Nanzy's page that you're interested in DHC oil..I LOVE this stuff..it removes makeup (included eye makeup) like a dream!! I believe if you go to the DHC website you can request a catalog and if you pay $2 for the shipping they will send you 3 samples of your choice.

FeByRiZ said...

Ai.. i watched the PETA video. it was sooo cruel, relentless, ferocious, ruthless, pitiless, PARAHH intinyaaa.. Tega yaah mereka?? :(

Anyway, where'd u order those LB stuff? It looks yummy ;)

Ai said...

Nanzy: i don't know what's srong with my nose but it smells like cucumber and melon like the one that you gave me -_-" something's wrong with me LOL but hell yeah i LOVE the smell. i'll sniff it BETTER next time

Melur: right? right? i'll never watch the video anyway. not after Nanzy told me the entire process >_<

Tammy:thanks, Tammy! yeah i've been wanting to try it after my friend told me but it was real expensive in Japan so i decided not to buy it. really? do they send internationally? thnx so much! :)

Feby: that's the point. gw ga akan pernah berani nonton videonya.. so i let ppl watch it and give me their opinion LOL. belanja online buuu di www.lurebeauty.com coba deh coba de muahahahahaha

Askmewhats said...

Lure Beauty looks Interesting!!!! It is damaging to your pocket but I'm sure it's not on your skin!!!

I hate cruelty to animals too!!!

Brokoli sehat said...

Waaaw! it's amazing that you bought all that skin care. But i sometimes did that also. I'm addicted to lulur and gone crazy everytime i see new lulur product

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