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Friday, September 12, 2008

long time haul and more ramblings

i just had an operation on my wisdom teeth. it wasn't that big and dangerous but it surely was pain in the ass, i mean in the teeth. unfortunately, the doctor who operated me chatted with other doctors on the room and went harsh with me. damn! since the teeth is located really deep inside my mouth, it was really hard to pull it out! GAAAHH! and now my left cheek is much more bigger than usual. it's badly swollen :( and it'll take at least 1 week to recover. goodnessme.

well, enough with the ramblings.

as i mentioned in my previous post, i bought a concealer from The Body Shop. i tried and it worked pretty well even i'm still working on my technic to get it right.

sorry no face photo coz i just realized that i looked pretty messed up using the concealer -_-" i'll try another time without the messed up part. for me, i like this concealer better than NYX concealer in a jar i dunno why. even i'm still in love the the missing lorac! damn, where did i put it?!

another haul i got from Guardian, Kay Beauty buffer and a tweezer that i forgot the name.

this time, i only went with the cheapest stuffs from Guardian since i was in a hurry. but both are fine with me since my last tweezer didn't do its job at all. time for the old tweezer to retire.

and a long-time-ago haul form Maybelline. this time i got the Watershine Liquid Pearl in Pink Praline.

i love the color but somehow it doesn't stay that long on my lips and even it costs around only 4 dollar i don't think i'd buy it even unless i've all the money in the world LOL. and 4 dollar is pretty costly for me -sigh- it's indonesia for GOD's sake. everything's supposed to be CHEAP. hehehehe. and here's me wearing the lipgloss. sorry the pic is bluuurrrrr >_<

and couple days ago, i did a look using NYX triple eyeshadow on perpetual.

i know it's not perfect but hey i tried and it's not that bad, right? right? ah well lol and i'm still longing for my LB to arrive. pls pls pls arrive SOON before i fly to Germany. oh pretty please.

12 lovess:

Nanzy said...

nice haul! Perpetual looks so pretty !!! nice blending too :D Boo for Maybelline..stick with NYX heheh

DyahAlit said...

arigatou :) tee-hee! yeah, i'll stick to NYX LOL

MaYaNG's said...

hehehe...ai lagi muter2 nemu blog lo. surprise... jadi pengen belajar dandan sama lo niy. huhuhu..(^,^)voufgj

DyahAlit said...

mayang! hahaha ya ampun gw jg kageeet.. ahaha jadi mau maluuuw akuu..

Anonymous said...

ngai ud jago ye dandannya... bgs i bgs. suggeee!! *plok... plok... plok* hohoho (ganggu ngga i) hahaha.

melur said...

i love the triple color, it's like there's a rainbow upon ur eyes ;;)

ps: i don't think your pictures are too small , they just fit! ;))

Feby Rizky said...

Heyya! I know how painful it was to have the operation on the wisdom teeth. Resek yaa dokternya kok pake ngobrol segala.. hehe. Salam kenal anywayssss ;)

DyahAlit said...

Meyuy: ahay! makasih ya yuy :) maxud gw, pic nya ga bisa di klik gitu yuy.. kl punya lo kan di klik bisa jd gede.. begitu loh hihihi

Feby: iyaaaaa paraaaah bgt dokternyaaa.. according to my mom, soalnya gw bayarnya yg lebih murahan.. kl yg mahalan dikit sih ga akan ada org2 ngerubutin ngeliatin gw nganga sambil ngajak ngmg dokter >_<

Feby Rizky said...

Hahahhaa.. anywayyss.. Aku link yah blog address nya.. :)

Menoedh said...

Ncuy..gue lebih tertarik ngeliat foto lo pasca operasi dengan close-up bagian pipi. Boleh upload? hehehe...

Jangan pulang Keeeennn!!! Udah mo buka puasa rame-rame tuhhh...ngga ngiri ama gue? ;D

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

you have sexy eyes ;)

CITRA cups* said...

cieeeh! gaya lo..uda pk gambar skrg, ck ck ck..bagus2..sekushiiiiishekaliiiih!

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