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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hauls: OPI & Eyeko Cream

hey guys!

guess i've been neglecting my blog so bad sometimes i forgot i have one (or 2? or 3? 4? lol)
couple days ago i went to a mall near my home to get Clinique Toner and i happened to see OPI's counter.
been curious about the brand for a while, i checked it out.
coz last time i remember, the price was pretty cheap. even cheaper than US.
but holy mother!
turned out the price is twice as US. LOL. silly me.

i wanted to try but unfortunately they didn't have samples. darn!
and then i saw couple packages with 4 cute little nail polishes.
one costs around $26. but i already fell in love with the pwetty colors.
good thing the shop assistant was so kind. she let me try the colors inside the package.

i couldn't resist so i bought them! it's called Teeny Bikinis from South Beach Collection.
and i bought one color from MAVALA.
it was much more cheaper compared to OPI o.O

so enough with my ramblings. here are the pictures.

from left to right (unfortunately they don't have cute names like US ones so i'm gonna name them myself): Sofuto Papa-ru, Hot Maroon, Warmy Pinky, RapiDry Top Coat, Mavala in Velvet

Sofuto Papa-ru: just like the name, it's soft purple kinda color. sorry if the pic is pretty blur. i need more skill to take good pics -__________-" the color is matte and it's fun to wear when u're bored with natural look but still looking for soft colors. a day in the mall would be perfect with this color i say.

Hot Maroon: it's kinda shimmery and the color makes your fingers POP! love it so much! wear it for a hot date, perhaps? ;)

Warmy Pinky: it's a shimmer pink color. very natural and preeettyyyyyy! guess it suits for a school day or "meet the parents-in-law-to-be" day hohoho..

Velvet: think this color suits me the best, don't you think? they look almost exactly like my natural nail colors, altho' a bit more shiny. maybe i should buy more colors from mavala since it's affordable lol

i had a very loooong looong time a go haul. actually i got it when i went back to indonesia, around early of march. it's the famous eyeko cream. i know i'm faar behind everybody for having it lol. and i rarely use it so, the same as my blog(s), i forgot i have 1! doh! so now i started using it day and night for my eyes only and it's been a help because now my lids are not so dry like they used to be.

so here's the famous cream!

the package is uber cute. i've never been a fan of pink but this one caught my eyes. small pretty pink box.

the content is amazingly sooo sooo much! it's shimmery cream that makes your skin kinda soft. but it absorbs greatly. doesn't make ur skin feeling greasy.

it's how the cream looks on my skin.

and this is how it looks after i rub it all over my skin. think it doesn't look too obvious but somehow you can see that my skin is glowing.

so that's pretty much what i've bought these days. i don't think i spend too much money on make up compared to when i was in germany T_______T

so, have a grrreeaaattt evening all!

5 lovess:

Dimpul said...

njieee ngeblog lagiiii, btw haul tuh apaan si?

Askmewhats said...

eeekkk so nice to read an update from yoU! I've missed you!!!!

Ai said...

Dimpul: hohoho iya nih.. smoga aja lancar terus dah! Haul noh apa ye.. kayak yg abis belanja gitu deh.. eh lo kapan ksinii cruuut?

Nikki: aawwwww thank you, Nikki! me miss you tooo!

Dimpul said...


hehehehhe, kalo huruf besar semua, itu artinya, cepet sms gw dongggg

Nanzy said...

ih lucu mini2 hahahaha i like the soft purple and hot maroon =) hawt for summer!!! enjoy the haul~

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