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Friday, May 29, 2009

Gifts: Palette!

morning, gorgeous ladies (and guys? ;P)

just wanna share my happiness. so bare with me :P

couple weeks ago when i went back from work, i saw a package outside my door.

and it was for moi.

i was pretty confused since i haven't ordered something online for a while now.

so i checked who is was from.

apparently, it was from my bestfriend's mom. "package from inan" she wrote.

i was getting really really excited and rushed to my room.

i opened the package and it was a palette!


i've been longing for a palette with LOTSA colors on it

and NOW i HAVE it!

i screamed so loud and couldn't stop smiling.

they're all pretty colors and i want to use them all at once lol

thank you so much, bibi.

you know how to make my day hahahaaaaa

i present you. the gift.

the one thing i love about palette is it's like "unheavy" box with lotsa colors. save a lot of room for make-ups when you're on a trip. lol


i'm still amused until now LOL

so i took some of the colors for swatches. some of the colors are great, but some don't show the colors unless i use so much. and after use, they can be pretty messy just like loose eyeshadows. the matte ones usually are hard to be applied on and i've to use so much to make the color shows. and the shimmery ones work GREAT! basically, i love all the colors! so, meh! LOL

maybe you can see pretty clear that the black one doesn't show its color compared to others. but i don't use black so often so it's not a problem for me.

oohh i'm just in love with the colors. have i mentioned it? LOL.

thx a bunch for reading, ladies! and special thnx for Nanzy for this lovely gift. and now you MUST teach me to do the make-up when you're here hohoho.

5 lovess:

Askmewhats said...

oh wow the colors are awesome and you are right about the black :) Enjoy playing with it! :D

Nanzy said...

*w00t* they're BRIGHT!!! hahahaha glad you like it, and yeah we will play with colors when I see you hu huu.....

yay yay yay

Ai said...

Nikki: yea it's too bad the black doesn't show much but i DO really enjoy playing with them :D

Nanzy: totally bright! come home quiiiiiiiik! and pls pls make a time to sleep over at my place! LOL

Tammy said...

WOW these colors are AMAZING!!

Ai said...

Thnx! yea me lovey the colors as well! :D

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