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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hauls: Clothes

morning chicaaaas!

how are you lovely ladies (and guys again? lol) doing today?


yesterday my mom held a small event at our home with some of her friends. kinda like gathering event. and they brought A LOT of stuffs they sell -______-"

and my mom got me 1 branded bag (but it's the fake one) and i got myself the same brand different style (also the fake one). she also got me BATIK shirt, a traditional cloth from Indonesia.

and..... a ring! ^____________^

so i can't show the pics of the bags coz you know i'm a bad person for buying fake stuffs but meh! can't afford the real ones! LOL so pls forgive me if i offend some ppl..

this is Batik. we usually wear it to special occasion but nowadays we pretty much wear it everywhere. and i personally love wearing it. yap! proud to be indonesian (at some point) hahahaaaaa

i asked my lil bro to take the pic for me and boy it's sooo hard to lose weight! T___T gaaaaaaaaaaah!

i should learn more for taking nice pic, eh? but you've got the idea how the ring is. it's also imitated but i think it's beautiful. wish i got it from someone special (wish mode: SUPER ON) LOL


2 lovess:

melur said...

love Indonesian batik :)
CMIIW udah disahkan oleh badan UNESCO sebagai warisan budaya dunia.

Viva Indonesian batik!

Ai said...

hooorraaaayyyyyyy! VIVA LA BATIK!! hehehehe

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