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Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend with the Besties + Hauls

happy monday, everyone! :D

last saturday i went Mall Taman Anggrek with the besties :)
i think it's been ages since we got together (we missed 2 ppl tho T___T)

it was a really nice saturday afternoon
we ate at fish&co and just talked and talked and talked
and it was really good coz i miss hanging out with them like we usually did back in Japan
ah those were the days lol

peace sign by moi and Mita. altho my face doesn't look so peace at all lol

Nanzy and Elrica, they're actually cousins met the first time in Japan i guess. it's a small world, eh?

i ordered The Best Fish and Chips in Town, it costs Rp. 59.000 ($5.7) before the service charge and tax

they have a promotion with 1 of the cellular providers in Indonesia, XL
so if your provider is XL, you can get a free soup and drink refill!
all you have to do is send an sms to the designated number and prove the sent msgs to the waiter and voila!

say hello to my free soup! :D

i forgot what's the name tho.
but it tasted like tom yam kung.
delicious! and i was bloated! LOL

so yesterday my mom and dad just got back from a business trip in Singapore
and i asked my mom to buy for me several stuffs unavailable in Indonesia
or too expensive here

i asked:
mandom cleansing express moist (for dry skin)
mac brush cleanser
too faced shadow insurance (as i've heard some raves about this product)
too faced mini lash injection

they didn't have the mini lash injection and the shadow insurance *bummer*
and the express moist, so i asked for the sebum instead coz my face can be pretty oily sometimes

so here goes the hauls (not) lol

Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum

Nanzy has used this as her eye make up remover and when she stayed over at my house i got the chance to try and i gotta say that i love it. it's indeed moisturizing and didn't hurt my eyes, unlike the clinique one that i owned that stings my eyelids so bad they got red O_O

i'll make the review soon, based on my type of skin

the cleansing is really promising as it says that no need to rinse off with facial foam. ready to bed!

MAC Brush Cleanser

i know we can use baby shampoo to clean the brushes but i'd like to try this prof. brush cleanser and it's extremely expensive in Indonesia. i don't know tho in Singapore :P but i heard that buying MAC in Singapore is cheaper than here

and here's my haul from Mall Taman Anggrek last saturday

Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover

i've been looking for my HG nail polish remover as my last one really dries my nails :(
but i don't wanna buy something expensive *like OPI's* because i'll be using this a lot
and when you use something often, it'll finish fast too
spend more money
lol i'm such a cheapskate

until now, i'm loving this polish remover

review pretty soon

actually i also bought Maybelline Intense XXL Waterproof Mascara
but i forgot to take pic lol

thank you for reading!

have a lovely monday, guys!

9 lovess:

donnarence said...

mandom cleanser looks interesting.. i have heard a lot of raves about this one.. sadly it is not availble locally in my country.. :C

Catanya said...

Wow, great haul!!!

Catanya said...

I have tagged you!

Tina Marie said...

Ooh food looks yum ;P

I'm actually using the Mandom cleansing sebum. Hope you like this stuff. I'm almost out of mine.

I also use the MAC brush cleaner, it works okay for me but I think it's worth it. :)

Ai said...

Donnarence: yea i love mandon! it's not available locally too :( so i asked my mom when she was in singapore

Catanya: thnx, dear! :)

Tina: it was yum lol. yea i've tried several times now and i'm loving it <3

my_makeup_mania said...

Awe! You always take such a happy pics! Ver fun!

And nice haul!!

xoxo~ I like your blog music sounds! My bbe in love with Wonder girls! :PP

Ai said...

aaww thank you! :D i love wonder girls, too hahahaa

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

looks like a lot of fun!! i see Nanzy, everyone looking cute ;) MMM fish and chips!

Glamorous Beauty said...

Looks like you had lots of fun and the fish and chips look so good. Makes me want to start cooking. And your haul is also very nice.

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