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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Reviews: Nu Face Facial Mask

eveniiiiingg guuuys!

how's your day so far?
so today i checked my abandoned email and i found out that i have to pay for my tuition fee >_<
eeekkkkk! me's getting broke suddenly!!!!


but it says on the email that if i don't pay the last tuition fee, i won't be getting any degree
ha! so much for the struggles i've through for the last almost 2 years haha

so anyway,

i went to the nearest supermarket to buy some stuffs and happened to see this brand for facial mask
the brand is 'Nu Face' from Korea
it's nu face facial mask whitening enriched with vitamin e: revitalizing

consists of 1 sheet each bag and it costs around $0.9
not bad, right?

nu face claims:

soothing facial mask that works to increase moisture level and refresh your skin face. contains vitamin e as an anti oxidant that protects skin face from free radicals or dirts and also whitening which help to brighten your skin looks. enriched with acacia flower, cucumber and aloe vera extract combination to maintain skin face elasticity. soften and provide new nutrient into skin, also give a cooling effect.

use regularly every 2-3 days for best result.


how to use:

1. thoroughly cleanse and dry face

2. take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face

so here is the mask when taken out from the bag

don't you think that it somehow looks like the theater masks? LOL
oh God i'm sooo random!

3. wear the mask for 15-20 minutes. i wore it around 15 minutes only.

4. peel off slowly from the edges, gently massage your face with the remaining fluid on the skin till it's fully absorbed. no need to wash off.


fresh skin alert! lol

price: 4 lovess
performance: 4 lovess
packaging: 5 lovess
overall: 4 lovess


- pretty cheaaaap!
- easy to apply
- they don't lie. as soon as i applied the mask on to my face, it soothed my skin! sooo refreshed at once! the cooling effect does work!
- packaging is great. only contains of 1 mask per pouch. no dryness occurs.
- it is indeed moisturizing. doesn't dry up your skin at all.


- since it only contains of 1 sheet per pouch, you have to buy like more than 5 pouches to stock the mask. too many pouches blah.
- and since it's for whitening as well, you need to apply it for some time to really see the result of the whitening.

will i repurchase?

yeees! i'll try this product for about 2 weeks to see if this product really does good for my skin.


i really like this product. for first time use, it soothed my skin and i love the cooling effect. no dryness effect is a must for me as my skin face is quite dry. if i'm not lazy then maybe we can see the result in 2 weeks. keeping my fingers crossed. hahahaaa.


- avoid using on - blemishes - pimples-irritated or sunburned skin
- stop using and ask a doctor if:
> skin becomes red, swollen, itchy during use
> above symptoms persist after use
- keep out of eyes, if eye contact, rinse with water
- avoid using on skin which is sensitive to bandage or tapes
- avoid storing under direct sunlight or high&low temperature. keep away from the reach of children, for preventing dryness, use mask at once after opening the pouch.

soooo happy trying, guys!

have a lovely evening!! :D

13 lovess:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i don't really buy face mask for i always do home made mask but looks like this one is promising!

letmethink's said...

i lovddd nu face damn much :D
segeerrrr.. :)

becky said...

what a great review. its sounds like a really good product.

good luck with school girl!

Ai said...

Thiamere: i guess i need to try your recipe for home made mask :D

Letmethink's: bagus ya product nya? gw mesti coba lagi nih at least 2 minggu biar tau beneran hasilnya.. hohoho

Becky: well for first time use, it is really good. i especially like the cooling effect tho :D thank you, dear!

letmethink's said...

iyaa,mnurut gw bagus trs murmerrr..hohoho :D

fleurrainy said...

gue pernah pake 1 kali doank tuh mask~
skrg masih ada 2 pack tpi gag dipake" lagi~
mayan seger sih pake ituu~

my_makeup_mania said...

I'm in love with sheet masks too :D

Ai said...

Letmethink's: ahahaa iyaa sih lumayan..cmn kl jd rupiah kok kyknya mahal yaa? abis 0 nya 3 huahuahau

Fleurrainy: hahahaha coba terusin pake.. trs kasih tau gw gimana hasilnya kl pake 3 kali.. siapa tau makin siiip :P

Anastacia: yaaay for sheet masks! :D well i wanna try other brands tho :)

Nanzy said...

^^ dulu gue sering beli yg dijual di Watsons tuh i, lupa tapi namanya =) I still love my clay mask now but these mask does come in handy. Thanks for the review!

Askmewhats said...

I hope you can pay up your tuition soon!!! goodluck

Girl, you look so cute with masks on, even without all the makeup!!!

Ai said...

Nanzy: gw masih pengen nyoba clay masks nihh huhu.. coba deh bi nu face.. seger abis di muka huahauahua

Nikki: GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK, NIKKI!! *hugs* i did pay my tuition that's why i'm getting broke >_< aaww thank you, dear!

Vanessa M. said...

oo my friend gave em 2 of those!

Glamorous Beauty said...

Seems pretty interesting. I've seen these types of masks before. It does look similar to a theater mask. Thanks for the great review.

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