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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Looks: Neutral Fall + Indonesian Week 2009


what's your plan for this lovely weekend?

i'm planning to meet Nanzy and Elrica today to just have a chit-chat *aka GOSSIP* LOL

i feel soooo bad. like almost a year ago i asked Nanzy to do a tutorial on a look with yellow and orange colors on it. she did it and it was really pretty! i always wanted to try the look but never came up with any! gggrrr to myself! so these past 2 days, i've been trying to do the look but the first attempt was an EPIC FAIL LOL. 

(this was what Nanzy came up with. PRETTY, right?) <3

so yesterday i tried again with the look and this was what i came up with.

well i still A LOT to learn about blending and stuffs but i'm happily learning lol.

all the e/s colors are from the palette Nanzy gave me here

well hope you guys enjoy my attempt =)

so yesterday, Indonesian Week 2009 was held in my previous campus.
for all who haven't known, i got my undergraduate degree from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Japan
i went to the same university with Nanzy and we were roommates with 1 other Indonesian girl, Icha.

so every year, our campus holds MULTICULTURAL WEEKS.
not all countries have their own weeks tho.
every year we have Indonesian Week (it was Indonesian/Malaysian Week back then), Thai Week, Korean Week, Chinese Week, Vietnamese Week, Japanese Week, and sometimes we do have Spanish Week, Indian Week, etc.

these weeks are based on languages courses available in the campus for all foreigner students who want to study each language (Indonesian, Thai, Vietname, etc)

in each week, everyone can perform ANYTHING to represent his/her country. they have 1 full week to introduce each culture such as traditional dances and songs, food, traditional plays, amazing decorations, etc.
usually monday is for the opening and friday is the GRAND SHOW.

for Indonesian Week, the committee is formed 1 year before the grand show to prepare EVERYTHING.
and the practices and rehearsals are done app. 2 months before.

and we usually entertain the audiences with unique theme for each year.

this year, they came up with kinda like TITANIC theme in a simpler way (an old lady tells her story falling in love with a guy when she was young and he was taken away from her). well, not really titanic tho lol. i watched it on youtube last night (yes, somebody actually uploaded the grand show already. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU, KONDO-SAN!)

so here's one of the performances last night. hope you enjoy :)

have a lovely weekend, guys!

EDIT: the committees are Indonesians but the performers come from all around the world :)

9 lovess:

Glamorous Beauty said...

I like the look, the colors look great on you.

Jamilla Camel said...

The colors and the liner and beautiful!

I love Indonesian traditional dress and food too!


ooh i like the color combo... Good job hun!!! Wow you're from Indonesia? I sooo want to go there... I don't live too far from Indonesia.....

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I like the makeup :) & with more practice you'll just get better ;)

Nanzy said...

stop making me sound like your pimptress...LOL jk mwah~ love the look ^^ YEAHHH Indonesian Week, I Love Thee........

becky said...

your eye shadow application is actually really good. I like it a lot!

Tina Marie said...

this is a very pretty everyday look. i like it (:

Ai said...

Glamorous Beauty: thank you! i like your neutral eye make up, too

Jamilla: aaww thnx! you should come here, Jamilla!

Honey Bunny: thank you :D ohh just come here and i'll be the guide hohoho

Dana: thnx, dear! yes practices make perfect :)

Nanzy: LOL missing the vibe of indonesian week so much, eh? hahaha makasih loh pret..

Becky: :) you just made my day. thnx a lot, hun!

Tina Marie: yes it's wearable :D thnx a lot, Tina!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

very pretty eotd!!

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